QUIZ: Learn To Stay In Shape With The Right Exercise Program

So, you’re thinking of getting into shape. There are plenty of options available ranging from the rush of competitive sports to the tranquillity of yoga.

Not everything is going to be a perfect match for you and it’s best to do some research before you dive head first into a new fitness regime.

Whatever your personality, it’s vitally important to keep fit and make sure you exercise regularly. This quiz will help you decide which type of physical activity is right for you.

Quiz By Gap Medics

If you hate exercise, it might be possible to blame it on your shampoo.

Health and fitness journalist Gretchen Reynolds, reviewed a new study for the journal, “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,” that investigates the relationship between exercise behavior and phthalate exposure in utero. Phthalates are a group of chemicals, often referred to as plasticizers, which are used to make plastics pliable. Reynolds explains that phthalates are also used as solvents in “a boggling array of everyday products,” so, “from food containers to shampoos and perfume, they are virtually ubiquitous in the environment and in our bloodstreams.”

Or if you want to keep up your good work, make working out into a game!

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University set out to test the theory that participants could be incentivized to increase their physical activity through the gamification of exercise. All participants in the study wore step counters to measure their daily activity and received feedback each day on their achievements. However, those in the intervention group were given the opportunity to earn points and progress through reward levels as they increased their physical activity.

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