You Have A Lot To Be Grateful For

There are things that those of us in the developed world are not forced to consider. Those “things” happen to be the often deadly diseases that are still very prevalent throughout developing nations. The same diseases, meanwhile, are virtually gone in many developed nations. Developed nations enjoy early access to vaccines, largely accessible healthcare, and cleaner conditions. Traveling outside of your country can actually be dangerous: different places can really differ down to the microbe.

Here are some diseases that, while you may not be likely to see, still plague the developed world. Hopefully this reminds you just how good you have it.


1. Malaria





2. Polio



Wikimedia Commons/CDC

3. Yellow Fever



Wikimedia Commons/CDC


4. Measles





5. Tetanus 



CDC Public Health Image Library


6. Small Pox

Small Pox was included here to show that it is possible to completely eliminate a disease. Small Pox is a disease that no one anywhere, developed nation or developing nation, has to worry about. In 1979, after aggressive action by several countries and the World Health Organization, Small Pox was declared eradicated.



Wikimedia Commons

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