Learn How to Workout Like Tom Brady

Are you starting to think that your fitness goals are out of reach? You’ve read so many articles and tried all the tips, but you can’t achieve your goals. It’s rough, especially if you are competitive … so much effort with so little success. But maybe there is a more simple way to achieving peak fitness and performance: Tom Brady, the football quarterback for the New England Patriots, wants to share his 5 step winning fitness routine with you. These five simple steps are guaranteed to improve your fitness and performance. Nothing complicated, no additional expense – just focus and commitment. Nothing else! That’s all you need to achieve your goals. Learn how to workout like Tom Brady.

Hiw success comes down to to five simple steps, and they’re all about lifestyle. It’s about dedication to your goal every day. No days off. But once you buy into Tom’s fitness routine you won’t want days off because this is really a way of life rather than a routine.

This is how Tom Brady does it:

1. Muscle pliability training

2. Go vegan! Plant protein is best

3. Rehydrate … drink water, water and more water

4. Get 9 hours sleep every night

5. Play sport and work out daily

Tom Brady Fitness

If you also want to improve your fitness, turn it into a game! Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University set out to test the theory that participants could be incentivized to increase their physical activity through the gamification of exercise. All participants in the study wore step counters to measure their daily activity and received feedback each day on their achievements. However, those in the intervention group were given the opportunity to earn points and progress through reward levels as they increased their physical activity.

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