Why I Didn’t Do Pathology

In a lot of ways, I would have been a good match for pathology. I’m a huge nerd, for starters. I’m lazy, so I’m sure I would have enjoyed sitting in one place, looking at slides. Plus you don’t have to do an intern year. You don’t have to do an intern year! I mean, why isn’t everyone a pathologist?

Here’s why I didn’t do pathology:

1) I am very prone to eyestrain and looking in a microscope was possibly the best way for me to do it. If I were a pathologist, I’d be walking around with a headache 100% of the time.

2) I didn’t enjoy my histology OR my general pathology courses. So… yeah. Pathology was taught badly, but histology was just hella boring.

3) I think it would freak me out having to be so detail-oriented. You miss one cell and that could mean your whole career.

4) It seems like pathologists are people who need to know everything about everything, which is a lot of pressure.

Although this wasn’t the reason I didn’t do pathology, but I’ve heard the job market in path is dire right now. But the biggest reason is that if I had done path, I’d probably have gone blind from looking at all those slides.

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