Why I Didn’t Do Neurology

Neurology was my last rotation of my third year of med school, and you guys, I Loved It. I found it so fascinating that for the first time ever, I didn’t mind staying long hours at the hospital. When I did the consult service, it was like solving little puzzles all day. And the residents and attendings were my favorites… I fit so well with them (being Nerdy McNerderson and all).

So why didn’t I do neurology?

I could list reasons, but there was one big reason that pretty much explained everything:

In the area of the country where I wanted to live to be near my husband, there were a total of eight neurology spots. Four of them were at a highly malignant program. And I felt that I wasn’t competitive enough to win one of four spots in a very desirable region of the country where I had zero connections. So I didn’t bother to try.

That said, here are the reasons I’m glad I didn’t do neurology:

1) The job market is tight right now in neurology.

2) Not much in the way of procedures if you don’t do a fellowship.

3) I think neurologists are much better at diagnosing than treating, especially in the area of stroke. I’m not impressed with the medications prescribed by neurologists. A neurologist friend of mine is convinced that neurontin is actually just a sugar pill.

4) A lot of neurologists are geeks, which is great. But a lot of them are also arrogant hyper-intellectual geeks, which is not so great.

I guess I can’t come up with too many reasons. For me, it was all about location, location, location.

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