Why I Didn’t Do Emergency Medicine

When you get to your fourth year of medicine, there are a lot of different paths you can take and each one probably would change your life entirely. This entry is about why I didn’t do emergency medicine. If people like this entry, I can talk about other fields I was considering as well.

EM has a lot of awesome things about it, and in many ways would have been a perfect field for me. I really love procedures. I work quickly. The hours are very reasonable. The pay is great.


Here’s why I didn’t do EM:

1) For some reason, I really hate shift work. I like having a specific amount of work to do and know that I can leave when I finish it. Looking at a clock makes me physically ill.

2) I can’t sleep when the sun’s out. I’m like a reverse vampire. Or a human being. Anyway, those night shifts aren’t going to work for me.

3) I actually like continuity of care a lot. I even like the annoying patients when I get to see them continuously and build a relationship.

4) If there’s some new horrible killer virus out there, who’s going to get exposed first? Certainly not the physiatrist.

5) Although I like the idea of knowing everything about everything, I realize that it’s actually impossible. And that would eventually make me second guess myself to death and all the consultants would hate me.

6) Let’s face it, too competitive. If you want to live where you want, you have to lower your expectations.

Also, what do you call an ER physician? An emergentologist? Emergentician? There’s no well known name for it. Unlike physiatrist. Everyone knows what this is.

I guess that’s all I could come up with. I guess it all came down to the fact that when I was on my ED shifts, I wanted to shoot myself in the head. That’s how you know.

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