Tips for Medical Students: How to Make Money While You Study

Being a medical student comes as a very expensive cost and it can leave students with no extra money to spend on things they enjoy. Then of course you have to deal with the enormous amount of work that comes with medical school, which leaves you with very little free time. With all that being said, there is a way for you to make some extra cash while completing your studies. Many students live away from home during their studies which can make life even more unaffordable. You simply have to find the options that work for you and your schedule. Here are some ways you can make money while being a medical student.


As a medical student you are going to learn a lot of valuable information that can be shared with the rest of the world. You can do freelance writing for a medical blog or website and be a guest contributor. If the blog is high end, you can earn a significant amount of money per article. The great thing about this is that you can fit it into your schedule and write when you have some extra time. All you have to do generally is meet the deadline and you got some money in your pocket. Just be careful not to waste too much of your time writing for blogs that pay you next to nothing, because it is not worth your time. You do not have to restrict these articles to the medical field and can definitely be creative and explore other options of interest.

Online tutoring

Seeing as you probably do not have time to travel, doing online tutoring is a great way to earn money. You have so much knowledge and you can share this with other students. It does not have to be complicated subjects. You can teach someone your native language or basic mathematics. There are so many options and opportunities available online that you will surely find what suites you best. Maybe someone is looking for residency application help or a theory that you have already covered. You are adding value to someone else’s life, which can be a great feeling and to still earn money doing so is a great deal.

Personal statements

You can help other students with their residency personal statement writing if you already went through the process. The importance of a personal statement is enormous and it stresses everyone out. If you are able to do some residency personal statement editing, you can charge per word or per application. You know what is needed and important in a personal statement and can add great value to other applicants.


This may seem like a farfetched idea, but many students are making money through Uber. If you have a car that is not more than 10 years old, you could provide your services when you are available. The great thing about this job is that you do not commit to work a specific number of hours. You simply state when you are available to work and it is usually just for a few hours a day. Take a look at your study schedule and see if you could take some time out to work as a Uber driver. It does not take much effort and is an easy way to make money.


We live in a digital world and everyone wants to capture the perfect moment. You can work as a photographer over the weekend or take photos for online use. There are website that will pay you for good snaps. You simply have to find the one that suites you and pays well. These sites work in a way where people will either bid for the photo or you can sell it at a standard price. You are not committing to any amount of photos in a set time, but simply upload any good ones and wait. Your success will depend on the quality of your photos and what the buyers are looking for. It is a good idea to do a little research on what the market is looking for and adapt to fit that.


Being a medical student is no easy task and trying to earn money while doing so might seem impossible. The truth is, many students have no choice but to do this. Some work as bouncers, bartenders, waitresses and even dog walkers. The only problem is that these jobs may not work for the time you have available. With the world moving more towards doing everything virtually, you are able to benefit greatly from this. Working online is a great way to earn money and a lot of people are making a full-time earning from doing so. Good luck on your journey and remember to always keep a healthy balance.

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