Three Med School Career Paths, and Their Alcoholic Drink Compliments

Modern Culture makes college out to be a never ending party filled with alcoholic beverages galore.  So if you’re a med student, here are three different career and the alcoholic drinks that compliment them. 

Thoracic Heart Surgeon – Whiskey Neat

Both the drink and the trade involve precision and a careful hand.  When pouring out the 50 year old shot of whiskey, that your surgeon budget can most definitely afford, you must have a careful unshaken hand as to not spill a single drop.  Just as when operating on a patient the thorax is not the place to be handling a knife with a trembling hand. Both can lead to tragic mishaps of spilt liquor and deceased patients.  Whiskey is a burning yet classy drink much like the fire that burns inside of the surgeon.  They stay locked into their work at all times and get the job done, but at the same time dressed down in full scrubs and gloves, make it look good too.  Yet the reason it is whiskey neat instead of on the rocks, is that the surgeon is straight up with his patients, they don’t have time to mess around or give false hope.  They’ll give you the diagnosis straight up, not watered down or with ice, just straight whiskey, making whiskey neat the official drink of the Thoracic Heart Surgeon.  

Pediatrician – Frozen Margarita

Pediatrics is a full of children, fun and medicine, then you get to work.  Screaming kids waiting to get their shots or the weird rash that you had to examine you know where leads you to find yourself in your local taco bar after work sipping on the cold and sweet frozen margarita.  The margarita is a representation of your work facade, sweet on the outside but salty on the brim.  The drink itself is often associated with happiness and positive vibes, such as the moments of pure joy, like seeing a newborn smile or telling a kid that their small cold isn’t the end of the world. So with the salt comes the sweet, and after working with kids all day you need something a little more adult like hence the alcohol.  The margarita is the most loosey goosey drink around it can be salty at times but it is in all senses of the word a fun and happy drink.  

Physiatrist – Wine

A drink as old and in depth as the trade itself.  Both the beverage and profession require an exquisite palate and a curious mind.  Just as each patient is different so is each wine.  All bred in different ways with different back stories.  Physciatry is a profession of respect and creativity to help out each patient in the specific way that they need to be treated.  This career is paired with wine because of the care that it takes to craft the wine from harvest to drink. The mind is the most complex part of the human body and takes a lot of nurturing and care to study. Each require a level of creativity that you only see in their respective processes, making wine the drink of Physciatrists.  

After long days in the hospitals or offices it is not wrong at all to sit down with a drink in hand.  Let us know in the comments if there are other drinks that match these professions.  

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Nick Provenzano

Nick is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel and current business student at the University of Pittsburgh. H2P.