The World’s Most Sophisticated Algorithm for Choosing a Med Speciality

Decisions, decisions… You’ve spent the majority of your life in school working hard for the big prize: the prestigious two letters after your name, “MD”. But, now that your real life dream is creeping closer, you have to make that difficult decision, what kind of MD? This highly accurate algorithm is for the “almost” MDs who are still clueless and could use some help.

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Featured image from Flickr / Butte-Silver Bow Public Library | Original Source of Image from Dr. Fizzy’s Blog

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Dr. Fizzy

Freida McFadden is a midwestern physician who has finally finally finally come to the end of her grueling medical training, and at last she has enough time to publish the wealth of cartoons she's created over the years. If you enjoy them, please comment. If you don't enjoy them, then you can just keep your fool mouth shut. Read the rest at, and make sure to check out her books, A Cartoon Guide To Becoming A Doctor, and The Devil You Know, on Amazon!


  1. Doctor Fizzy

    The original source of this image is:

  2. Jd LaBash

    Loved it! I remember thinking “I’m graduating from medical school and I still don’ t know what I want to be when I grow up.” I did not realize the orthopedics/strip club connection was so widespread. Also love the association of ADD with EM. But I would put IM in the “like everything” branch, not sure how to differentiate it from family medicine.


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