The Future Prescription Drugs Being Developed Right Now

At any one time, there are hundreds of drugs being developed around the world. Some of them could change the way we treat conditions such as lung cancer and asthma. Here are six drugs currently in development that have a real chance of finding their way onto shelves.

Drugs are a very touchy subject for aspiring doctors — medical students have definitely taken the time to learn about prescription drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry forms a big portion of the affairs that physicians carry out everyday. From the drugs prescribed to the clinical trials conducted, medicine is closely intermingled with the development and use of new medications. However, issues arise when the reporting on the safety, efficacy, and utility of these drugs remains undisclosed due to certain conventional procedures.

If you are a medical student who has gone through clinical rotations, you might likely have had this experience (especially on the surgical floors). If you are just starting medical school, it’s something to look forward to!

Medical students must also keep cognizant of the opioid epidemic. All it took was one-hundred words to kill over hundreds of thousands of Americans. A new report from the New England Journal of Medicine tells the story of how this short doctor’s note helped facilitate today’s American opioid epidemic. Read more about it here.

Since opioids were not widely used forty years ago, so doctors did not have much data to support addictive properties. The New England Journal of Medicine performed a bibliometric analysis of the validity of the 1980 letter. There were 608 scholars that cited the letter as proof since 1980. 72% cited that addiction was rare among those prescribed opioids; however 81% of scholars did not mention that the patients were hospitalized when they receive the prescription. Because so many scholars cited the letter as a credible source, it became frequently used as a credible source for doctors diagnosing patients.


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