The Digital 3D Heart

In medical school we frequently use books, models, and online training tools to help us understand the intricate and immensely detailed anatomy of the human body. However, these diagrams are often times 2D, and it can be difficult to fully grasp the complexity of organs. Even the cadaver lab still poses difficulty since the bodies tend to, we could say, not keep so well over the length of the course. This is why we will be examining a digital tool that will hopefully be utilized soon in medical training.




Inventive Medical Ltd. has partnered with Glassworks, a high-end digital animation house in Amsterdam, to bring the medical community a new tool in cardiological education. Heartworks is a computer-generated replica of the human heart, designed with incredible detail right down to each individual capillary.


This 3D simulation of cardiac anatomy can be used as a standalone teaching tool, or in conjunction with one of Inventive Medical’s training mannequins. With practical applications in transthoracic echocardiography, cardiovascular pathology, and Doppler or M-mode imaging, Heartworks offers medical students and cardiac specialists a unique way to study and perform research.

Click here for more information on the Heartworks project from Glassworks.

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