The Cast that will Make You Want to Break a Bone

Breaking a bone sucks. Not only can you never use that line, “Nope, never broken anything, not me, no sir” anymore but also…it hurts.


Picture the scene: you are dribbling down the basketball court. Defender on your left, defender on your right. “Nope, can’t catch me. Not with my lightening speed and agility,” you think. Then bam, you trip. Over your own two feet. No one is going to believe that there was an unpredictable branch sticking out of the shiny, waxed basketball court, by the way. Fall to the floor, wrist first. Ouch.


If you’re like me the story goes more like this: I’m getting in the shower, all pumped to use my brand new shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It’s the little things in life that get me by. Ok, in the shower now…shampoo in hand. Shampoo in hair. Whew, things are getting serious – I’m rocking this shower. Then bam, I slip and fall…out of the shower. Fall to the floor, wrist first. Ouch.


So now not only are you stuck with this excruciatingly painful injury (and excruciatingly embarrassing story, at that) but you are also going to rock a circa-7th-grade green (neon pink if you’re a cool kid like me) cast for the next 6 weeks. No worries though, you have the choice of either plaster or fiberglass! Mmmm…I just love how that fiberglass enwraps my sweaty itchy arm like that – makes me feel all warm and cuddly. Who needs a boyfriend? I have my cast to keep me warm at night.


Well not anymore! Sorry impossibly uncomfortable monstrosity on my arm – Jake Evill (but seriously, this guy’s name sounds like a super hero’s) to the rescue! Evill has developed the latest in orthopedics by designing this sleek new alternative to casting called the Cortex.





Here’s the play by play: You enter the hospital and get your typical x-ray so that Mr. Doc can assess the damage. But instead of Mr. Doc then slapping on some fiberglass, he then takes a 3-D image of your arm and generates this bad boy:





Although your friends may not be able to sign it, the Cortex is breathable and itch-free and most importantly, shower proof (though you may be tempted to avoid the shower, remember, practice makes perfect).

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Rachel Greenberg, "Almost" MD

Rachel Greenberg is an editor for The Almost Doctor's Channel hailing from Great Neck, NY. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Psychology, where she spent much of her time either singing a cappella or being a pre-med. In addition to maintaining an interest in holistic medicine, Rachel boasts a world-class Carrie Underwood impression.