The Best Cover Letter Template For Doctors

Doctors are highly educated and skilled professionals, but they still need to write a cover letter to get hired. Cover letters are a great way of getting the attention of a hiring manager and expanding on things you were only able to touch on in your resume. A good cover letter should convince the reader that you know exactly what they’re looking for and can provide it, and a sample cover letter template can get you there.

The first thing to remember when you’re writing your cover letter is that you are not rehashing your resume. Use your letter to expand on details you weren’t able to fit in your resume. Start with a summary that is basically a showcase of your most impressive abilities and qualifications. When you talk about the responsibilities you had at a previous facility, use action verbs rather than writing “responsible for,” or “duties included.” Get specific and provide examples, and if possible provide hard numbers. Give them some stats to give your potential employer a clear idea of how effective you are.

“You should customize each cover letter to the position you’re applying for. Start off with a template if you like, but ensure you modify it and tailor it to the medical facility you’re applying to,” recommends Michael Acuna, cover letter editor at Ukwritings. Canned cover letters get thrown in the trash. Avoid filler and writing in cliches. Don’t describe yourself as a “team player,” or a “people person.” Being able to work well with others is certainly important in the medical field, and so is being personable and having a good bedside manner. But you should describe your attributes accurately and not in cliche form.

Your cover letter should focus on how you can be an asset to the facility. Use examples from your previous positions to prove you have the experience they want. Write from the facility’s perspective, think about what they want, and not how much the position will benefit your career.

Go online for help writing winning cover letters

Writing isn’t easy for everybody, and that’s especially true for cover letters. Don’t hesitate to get help from these useful resources:

Grammar Checker / EasyWordCount

These are writing tools you can use to check over your letter for grammatical mistakes and also see what your word count is at. Even good writers can still benefit from some grammar help.

Australianhelp / NSW writing services

These are online proofreading tools, suggested by Revieweal, you can use to make sure your cover letter is polished and error-free.

Lets Go and Learn / Studydemic

Check out these grammar resources for help going over your cover letter for grammatical mistakes. It’s easy to miss something, so invest the time and resources into having your letter checked by a professional.

Aademized / OxEssays

These are editing tools you can use to look over your letter for mistakes. Don’t take any chances with your cover letter, get some help from the professionals.

Below is a sample cover letter template you can use: 

Dear Mrs. Johnson

I am writing you to apply for the position of Doctor at Eastern Physicians Group. My experience matches up closely with the qualifications you are looking for. I had the opportunity to provide a wide variety of treatments to patients at my previous position, and I know I would make a valuable addition to your team.

I have a wealth of experience with physical examinations, treatment plans, and disease management. I also developed skills with evidence based medicine and clinical management. I am adept at analyzing information in order to make a diagnosis, educating patients on their conditions and treatment options, and maintaining accurate medical records.

In addition to my experience and expertise, I have an extensive education and a passion for family medicine. I am very impressed with Eastern’s focus on patient care and education, and would love the chance to become involved with the staff.

Please look over my resume, which I have attached, for more details on my education and career accomplishments. I will follow up with a request to discuss how my qualifications can be an asset to your medical facility.

Thank you for your consideration,


(Your Name)



Your cover letter is a sales pitch, it’s a tool you use to market yourself to a medical facility. A cover letter can show what kind of a person you will be to work with. Always be sure to customize your letter for the position you are applying for, write clearly and concisely, and give examples that demonstrate your abilities.

Written by Grace Carter. Grace Carter is a proofreader at TopCanadianWriters and StudentWritingServices, where she manages submissions and reviews content.

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