The 8 Types of Medical School Professors

Going to medical school soon? Here’s a comic from Dr. Fizzy that will tell you just what type of medical school professors you will encounter, one way or another. They are all unavoidable and annoying, but at least they will help you get your medical degree, right? These are the types of medical school professors you will run across in medical school.


The Enthusiast: will do your dissection for you but anatomy is not fun! Maybe he should drop the act…

The Drone: he’ll allow you to catch up on sleep during class, but you’ll start to miss Powerpoint, even if he reads off it.

The Party Animal: you will finally learn the effects of beer on kidney sections, but he will encourage you to drink beer under the table. Talk about peer pressure and second-hand drinking!

The Comedian: she’s occasionally funny, but may cry if a pity laugh isn’t given. Might be insecure.

The Sexist: great if you’re a female, but you may not be a female. Great if you’re a man, but may not be if you’re a woman.

The Dummy: he’s easy at writing exams, but his board exam will be written by someone with actual medical knowledge.

The Omniscient: kind of cool how he knows so much; however, the glass will shatter once you see the final exam.

The Unmemorable: not memorably horrible and will make up most of your education. Probably will have an impact for you for the rest of your life.

Whoever you get, just remember that medical school is going to be one long grueling adventure, and these people will help you get through it along the way. Enjoy it!

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Dr. Fizzy

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