TED Talks For Food Lovers #1: Drought Tolerant Crops

Water is essential for all living organisms on this planet. Humans are made up of 65% water, and losing any of that water content would be detrimental to our survival. Similarly, most crops need water to grow and survive. Though some crops can tolerate losing more water than others, plants are able to store the water they need to flourish.


But is there a crop that can tolerate no water at all and seemingly come back to life once they come in contact with H2O again?


Diet and health are highly interdependent. The food people eat over the course of a lifetime often plays a huge role in determining many of the ailments they incur. Referring to some recent exploration into the field of microbiomics, the large quantity and variety of bacteria in our bodies may likewise be acutely as well as chronically transforming due to the food we eat and the changes we make to our diets. Lastly, for aspiring medical personnel, quick food sources such as cold pizzas, Chipotle veggie bowls, and espresso shots often make up our daily sustenance. What effect do these have on our health?


Over the course of the next several articles, I would like to take you all on a run through some of the most interesting TED talks on food, some quite interesting and others downright genius. As you watch these videos, reflect on the close ties between nutrition and medicine, and what we can due as future clinicians to best counsel our patients in the face of changing food consumption trends and constantly incoming novel information.


1. How We Can Make Crops Survive Without Water

In a world with a constantly expanding population that challenges our ability to provide and sustain our species into the future, where can we look to for help? In this talk, Molecular Biologist Jill Farrant displays some potential in “resurrection plants” that have the ability to seemingly come back from the dead.


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