So, You Want To Be A Research Clinician?



Stay Current

To be competitive in the medical research arena, it’s essential to keep up to date with the current research. Read as much as you can about current research that is coming out, not just in your own field of interest, but also in breaking medical and technology news. Use these strategies from The Almost Doctor’s Channel’s guide to Staying Up to Date on Research in Your Field to keep the news and information flowing straight to your newsfeed.


Publish or Perish

Start writing now. Write Letters to the Editors of peer-reviewed journals if you read something that piqued your interest. Get involved in student publications or online blogs. You can even send emails to authors whose research you’re interested in, as this information is often published along with their work. Getting your name out there, and having it show up on a Google search, will prove that you are not only dedicated to medicine, but that you’re able to write about it too.


Cultivate Mentors and Collaborators

Make connections with everyone around you. Attend Office Hours, meet with your advisors and find out the special interests of not just your professors, but their RAs and TAs too. Connect with your peers. While medical school can, at times, be ultra-competitive, someday you will all be doctors and you never know who might end up in a position to share or collect data with you or to co-author a study.


Ask for (Even More) Work

Ask your professors if they have any opportunities for students in their labs and routinely check campus job boards for lab openings. If you are further along in medical school, volunteer to help your professors with their teaching duties, as even many research clinician positions at universities will involve some amount of teaching. This experience under your belt will put you in an excellent position if you’re pre-med applying to medical schools, or in med school applying for residency, and so on.


In the meantime, if you’re feeling jaded in med school, you’re not alone.


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Laurie Breen

Laurie Breen is a freelance writer well-versed in research communications and grant writing. She received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Smith College and has worked previously at the University of Queensland's Centre for Clinical Research in Brisbane, Australia. Her favorite conversational topic is "antibiotic-resistant bacteria," making her a big hit at parties.