So How Long Will You Live As A Doctor?

If you’re in medicine, the question has probably crossed your mind at one point or another – “How long will I actually live to work in this field?”


With 4 years of undergraduate, 4 years of medical school, 3-5 years of residency, and 1-2 years of fellowship (and maybe several fellowships if you’re a rockstar), you are easily in your mid-30s before you start practicing as an independent physician. And if you factor in the general twists and turns of life, including family, kids, and career moves, life can truly take a toll on you.


This also revives the crucial question of physician burnout, an ever-present phenomenon that is receiving greater attention from the medical community and the world. On the one hand, better work hours can ensure a more manageable workload and productive work environment for physicians in an effort to ensure better patient care. On the other hand, for a specialty such as surgery, less time in the ORs leads to lesser preparedness for independent practice at the end of residency.


So for medical students like myself at this point in my career, this may be worthwhile to think about. Do I really want to pursue a high-stress career that comes with its fair share of adrenaline-filled moments and sleepless nights or a relatively less demanding field that allows me to achieve a better work-life balance?


While you’re thinking deeply about this quandary, here’s a sketch to lighten things up…




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Yash Pandya

Yash Pandya is a science writer at The "Almost" Doctor's Channel. He is a rising third-year student at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Emergency Medicine with minors in Neuroscience and Chemistry. Yash plans on attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Fall 2016 with guaranteed admission. In addition to the usual humdrum of academic involvement, Yash loves to play Ping Pong, catch up on the latest "Big Bang Theory," and travel. Having lived in India for half his lifetime, Yash aspires to expand his horizons into international healthcare by practicing medicine globally.