Science Behind Different Types of Video Game Medicine

Video games have some of the most advanced medicinal practices and some greatly staffed programs. In this article, we dive into the science behind some of the more popular games out there right now to see what video game medicine the government is secretly hiding from us.

Battlefield 1

Medic! Battlefield 1 is a game developed by EA Dice, and is a World War I first person shooter game.  The player battles through the major events of World War I and competes online against other players. But what is interesting is the healing process of players in the game.  To “revive” or heal an opponent, one simply whips out a needle filled with a grey fluid and pokes the player anywhere on their body. That grey juice must have been a scientific advancement during World War 1 that the government didn’t want us to find out about; boosting white and red blood cell counts and drastically speeding up white blood cell work and platelets (for those who don’t know, platelets are small cells that clump together to prevent and aid in stopping bleeding). Those wounds, burns, and scrapes heal up quicker than wolverine, and your back in the fight!

Call of Duty World War II

As with Battlefield 1, Call of Duty World War II makes it seem that World War II had a much more advanced medical system then we do in today’s society.  Another first person shooter, COD WWII is developed by Sledgehammer Games; and features a self heal method of healing. Yet, is it effective in war? It seems that an airborne powder is flown over the place of battle, this powder is then inhaled by all in the surrounding area allowing them, when shot, to rest for exactly 3.5 seconds till the powder quicks in and heals the body of the inhaler.  The powder consists of straight adrenaline, platelet enhancer, and C4 protein powder. But it is also provided to your enemies as well, we all breathe the same air, so be careful as to not let them heal for that long or you could find yourself on the wrong end of the medicine. Not fair that back then you could get shot and heal in less time than I could identify the wound; I get a scrape on my knee and that takes at least three days, ugh.  


A fun cartoon, third person shooter game, made by Epic Games has become one of the most popular games in the world and continues to break video game records as well as integrate into actual real world culture.  If only the medicine would integrate as well. In game players are able to drink a blue, room temperature, liquid called a “Shield Potion” that provides an outer shell to the body. The liquid boosts protein keratin and keratinocytes and hardness them on the outside of the skin preventing it from flaking, and rather turns it into a tough exterior.  Although, this exterior can be penetrated after a certain amount of time, it can be damaged and weakened, at that point the player takes damage to the body, causing wounds. Fear not, Fortnite medicine does not stop there. Players then carry advanced bandages, i’m not talking about Ace bandages here, i’m talking about government developed skin replacement bandages.  Basically, a combination of COD WWII and Battlefield 1, the player applies the bandage in three seconds and all blood cells are increased in count, adrenaline pumped, and platelets boosted. The player can then carry on with their day and hope to find more blue liquid and maybe take home a Victory Royale or two.

Skate 3

The Dark Surgeon, that’s the name of Skate 3’s best current medical practitioner.  Made by EA Black Box, this game is a third person skateboarding game, and one of my personal favorites of all time.  One of the competitions within the game is to simply throw yourself off a high point and see how many bones you can break, pair that along with the steady amount of broken bones that comes with skating the rest of the game, this surgeon has a lot on his plate; but he comes through everytime.  After falling and breaking, most likely, every bone in your body, the screen cuts to black for a small time of about two seconds; this is the surgeons window. He steps into the dark, re arranges bones, pops jaws and shoulders in, fixes nerves and finally slaps on some advanced Icy Hot for a full body cool down.  When the darkness clears you are stood there, back on your board, bones all in place; ready to attempt whatever crazy stunt you have to do next.

Some of these advancements would be really useful in society, it’s a shame they got left in the past, or exist in a cartoon world.  

Let us know in the comments your favorite games and their healing methods.  Can they be justified with science?

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Nick Provenzano

Nick is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel and current business student at the University of Pittsburgh. H2P.