Salaries and Satisfaction in Medical Education [Infographic]


Ready to throw on that white coat? Curious about the years of training and expected salaries of various specialists? Here we give the lowdown on job satisfaction and salaries for the most popular medical specialties. Looking for some serious dough? Find the next “King of Pop”…

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Ieroo Park

Ieroo is an editor for The Almost Doctor's Channel. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in English, and is looking forward to becoming an "Almost Doc". In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, tennis, and taking selfies with Dr. Ruth.


  1. Ryan

    That infographic terribly misrepresents military physician compensation – to a point where students looking at it may never want to open up a dialog about being in the military.

    • Rohan Jotwani

      Hey Ryan, thanks for the insight! I agree with your sentiments (the trouble with reposting infographics is it’s hard to vet all the numbers and account for variability between sources.) If you would like to do a guest post on actual military physician salaries and clear up any misconceptions, we would be more than willing to feature it.

  2. KKatie

    $150, 000/month x 12 months/year = $1.8 million most of the time, but, of course, that doesn’t account for variability between sources.

  3. Ash

    How many years of training does it take to be an Obs&Gyn?

    • Kiera Cunningham, "Almost" MD

      Hi Ash,
      An Ob/Gyn residency is 4 years. Is that what you’re interested in pursuing?