Rheumatology Personal Statement Writing for Foreign Medical Applicants

Writing a personal statement for an application in another country brings on its own set of challenges. This is not something new and a lot of students had to master the art of doing so. It does not make it any easier, but there are some steps you can take to overcome this challenge. Every country has its own procedures and application criteria. Before you start writing your personal statement, you want to study the information of the set country’s personal statement rules. Do not assume that you can do it in the same fashion as you would in your home country. One would believe when it comes to medicine, the rules should remain unchanged. The reason behind the different set of rules is that every country faces its own challenges and needs. When you adhere to this understanding, it becomes easier to master. If I think about rheumatology personal statement writing, the information will be similar, but the format and application thereof will differ. Here are some of the best tips to write a rheumatology personal statement and come out on top.

Copy Carefully

It is easy to find personal statement samples online for any career, but you want to be careful with that one. You could just copy a sample rheumatology personal statement, but it is going to cost you a lot. Even if you are applying abroad, most of the world has access to programs like Copyscape or another similar software. Instead, use the samples online for inspirational reasons only. You need to be authentic in your personal statement and you do not want to be associated with plagiarism in your career.

Proven Achievements

A personal statement is all about putting your years of hard work on display. You cannot do this if you cannot prove it to be the truth. The best rheumatology fellowships can be difficult to join, but no one will deny great achievements based on facts and evidence. If any research took place, you want to use this as evidence for what you have been working on. It also shows that you are committed to the industry and have gone beyond what is average. There might be some achievements you are unable to prove, but keep this limited on your personal statement. The achievements could have taken place anywhere and is not geographical in any way.

Why a Rheumatology Personal Statement?

This is as important to include in your personal statement as your achievements. There needs to be some element of passion attached to you writing this specific personal statement. Application boards love personal stories about how you go to this point. What was the reason that drove you to become a rheumatologist? This does not have to be life changing in any way, but simply your reason. Once you understand the importance of including this in your personal statement, you will find your reason why.

Language Differences

We all understand that English is a universal language and that in most countries, classes are taught in English. If you are going from the USA to the UK for example, there are some differences in the spelling and grammar rules. Familiarize yourself with these rules, even if it is in a completely different country. A personals statement for fellowship does take a lot of work and commitment, but the hard work is necessary. Go the extra mile to check out the language differences in the country you are applying in and as a foreign student, this will help you stand out.

Get Help

With working and balancing your own life at this point, you probably don’t have the necessary time to invest in your personal statement. This is where professional services come in. Do not feel any less because you do not have the skill set or time to write a personal statement for fellowship. Especially don’t feel bad if this is in a foreign country. It can be overwhelming, but there is help available. Take advantage of the times we are living in. A simple search online can connect you with writers who focus on this service.


Understand that this is a massive task, but you have it in you to complete. It’s one step towards your end goal. You have worked hard to get to this point and with commitment, you can get it done. Moving to another country is a daunting task, but students and professionals who have done it, praise the experience. This could be the best thing you do for your career and yourself. A lot of build-up happens before a decision like this is executed, so trust yourself during the process. Your personal statement is a reflection of everything you have worked for and how this process of studies have evolved you.

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