QUIZ: The Link Between Medicine and Music

Aside from the health benefits of listening to your favorite tunes, there are plenty of links between medicine and music. There’s a long history of band names, song themes and product marketing drawing inspiration from medical terms – this quiz tests how much you’ve been paying attention. Are you a music trivia genius? A medical fact repository? A healthy mix of both? Let’s find out! Test your knowledge on music medicine!


Music can definitely have an effect on medicine, and certainly surgery! Read how this violin served as a surgical instrument!

When you think about surgical instruments, scalpels, forceps, and bone cutters are usually a few that come to mind. However, when concert violinist Roger Frisch began to develop hand tremors, doctors at Mayo Clinic were forced to think outside the box in order to come up with a solution.

Using deep brain stimulation (DBS), the Mayo Clinic team used electricity to help treat Frisch’s condition. Because this was no ordinary case and the fix needed to be extremely precise, the surgeons had Frisch play the violin during surgery to ensure that the procedure was successful, making this operation the first of its kind to quite literally use a surgical “instrument.”

Watch the video of Roger Frisch’s unique success story.

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