Popular Alternative Medical Therapies #4: Turmeric

Though it has been around for ages, Turmeric, a spice that can be found in any supermarket, has been gaining more and more popularity recently in treating inflammation. This powerful spice has astounding health benefits, and has been proven to effectively treat diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, and depression.




Most people know about medicine as viewed through the lens of biomedicine, drug therapies, evidence-based treatments, and the like. However, there is a whole other area of study that addresses ailments with a quite different approach. We have all likely heard of it as alternative medicine.


There are many reasons to take an interest in this field. However, for us prospective as well as current clinicians, this field holds particular value as a future prospective approach that could likely be incorporated into common practice. Despite of our most cutting edge tools in today’s day and age, we are nowhere close to curing the wide variety of diseases in existence. This is where alternative medical therapies offer a different look at problems and open up a new playing field to develop a holistic approach that can benefit patients.


So, in an effort to make us all more informed, I will be going over some of the most common as well as interesting alternative medical approaches. Hopefully we can all learn something new and intriguing!


4. Turmeric

Herbal medicine is a crucial segment of alternative medicine, with documented use for the past thousands of years. As shown in this video, Turmeric is an herbal product that has been proven to promote great benefits in treating inflammation, without the risk of grave side effects that often accompany allopathic drug therapies.


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It is hard to believe that a simple spice can have such incredible effects on the human body. Furthermore, it is a completely natural product that you can find almost anywhere. With so many proven benefits, do you think you will introduce Turmeric into your diet?


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