The Perils of Being a Woman Doctor

As a woman doctor it seems like I can’t book an appointment with a doctor anymore without being asked if I’m okay with seeing a man.

OK, they didn’t ask me when I booked an eye doctor appointment. But when I recently scheduled an urgent care visit for a stomach bug that was taking a long time to clear up, they asked me. And the OB/GYN office always asks.

Personally, my first pap was done by a man, and I really liked him. My second regular ob/gyn was also a man and also great. Yes, I’m a little more uncomfortable being examined down there by a man, but honestly, it’s uncomfortable either way. It depends on the doctor more than it depends on the gender of the doctor. It’s only a recent thing that there are enough female doctors that patients can even get a choice.

What bothers is me is that when they specifically ask me, it makes me feel like maybe I *should* request a woman. Why can’t they just mention the doctor’s name and see if I protest?

Also, has a man *ever* been asked if he was okay with the gender of his doctor?

At work, I have also been put in positions from time to time where I was pressured to see a patient for no other reason than they had “woman problems,” when I believed another doctor was better trained to treat their issues. I’d have no problem with it if the woman had specifically requested a female physician, but that was never the case. It was always decided that “she’d probably prefer a woman.” Sometimes I feel embarrassed to march in, knowing that I’m only there because of my XX chromosomes.

Originally syndicated from Dr. Fizzy’s Blog with permission.

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