Movies That Illuminated The Medical Field: #7-10

Medicine has intrigued cinema for as far back as we can remember. From the gruesome depictions of surgical procedures to the long struggles against chronic ailments, the medical field is omnipresent in movies. Furthermore, given the current rise in instances such as antibiotic resistance and our inability to manage all diseases, a look back is well warranted to put things in perspective and remind us of our vulnerability as a species.

I will be taking you on a trip through a few of the many medical films out there, classically and aptly illuminating the intersection between art and medicine.


7. Side Effects

The medical field is known for its innovation and creativity, bringing to light a new drug or therapy everyday, one that can benefit the patient. However, what if that drug had side effects beyond what could have been predicted? What if death was very likely? Would you take it?


In this offbeat piece of cinema, the unknown effects of a psychiatric medication are exposed through an intricate set of events, keeping you on the edge of your seat.



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8. Patch Adams

Why do you want to become a doctor? For new entrants in the field of medicine, the most common answer might be their love for the science. They are passionate to learn and practice on the most intricate aspects of the human body, treating diseases and improving outcomes. However, what about the patients?


This movie, featuring the artistic genius of Robin Williams, showcases the caring side of medicine, focusing on the patient rather than just the ailment.


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9. SiCKO

This documentary, featuring the work of Michael Moore, sheds light on one of the most crucial issues in the United States – health care affordability. While countries such as Canada, France, and the United Kingdom have medical systems guaranteeing free and equal health care for all its citizens, why does America have the most expensive system lagging in patient outcomes around the globe?


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10. Awakenings

When Robert De Niro and Robin Williams – two of the most celebrated actors in the industry – are on screen together, depicting the complex emotions and understandings around psychiatric conditions, you have to watch. In this movie, Robin Williams plays the role of a new and bright physician taking care of patients with little to no hope of recovery, displaying a sense of hope and persistence through his heartfelt care. The actors’ artful depictions touch the emotions of every viewer.


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