Movies That Illuminated The Medical Field: #4-6

Medicine has intrigued cinema for as far back as we can remember. From the gruesome depictions of surgical procedures to the long struggles against chronic ailments, the medical field is omnipresent in movies. Furthermore, given the current rise in instances such as antibiotic resistance and our inability to manage all diseases, a look back is well warranted to put things in perspective and remind us of how far we have come.


I will be taking you on a trip through a few of the many medical films out there, classically and aptly illuminating the intersection between art and medicine.


4. John Q

Other than the noble healing side of medicine, health care consists of a whole another world revolving around insurance and affordability. In this film, which hits at the heart of the health care deficits that deprive everyday Americans of access to patient care, we are able to witness what it takes for a father to get his child a new heart and give him a chance at life.



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5. Outbreak

As mentioned, this movie is a perfect depiction of the focus on medicine placed in the realm of cinema. Films focusing on the instance and spread of a widespread disease have been in existent for the past several decades and beyond. This particular one here intermingles a fast-spreading virus starting with the host agent (a monkey) with underlying political motives and bureaucracy. The need for containment is stronger than ever.



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6. Something The Lord Made

Whether it is making new discoveries or forging past old barriers, the medical field is the right place for both. In this movie depicting the first cardiac procedure, ground-breaking progress is made in the realm of medicine as well as racial barriers in the field, bringing to light the need to believe in one’s abilities, question old conventions, and invite new perspectives.



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