Movies That Illuminated The Medical Field: #1-3



Medicine has intrigued cinema for as far back as we can remember. From the gruesome depictions of surgical procedures to the long struggles against chronic ailments, the medical field is omnipresent in movies. Furthermore, given the current struggles in medicine, including antibiotic resistance and our inability to manage all diseases, a look back is well warranted to put things in perspective and remind us of how far we have come.


I will be taking you on a trip through a few of the many medical films out there, classically and aptly illuminating the intersection between art and medicine.


1. The Invasion

A contagious disease that spreads like wildfire in human society, triggering its effects when a person enters REM sleep, can cause quite a bit of havoc. Coupled with the need to survive and find a cure while battling to show no emotion in order to remain hidden, people start to live in consistent fear for the future.


This movie gloomily demonstrates the consequences of a global epidemic that ceases to allow humans to be human.




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2. Contagion

A virus that can spread and mutate faster than a cure can be found is one that should incite fear in everyone’s hearts. In this gripping movie on the dispersion of a virus across the world’s population in a matter of days to weeks, we can see the effects of a foe that is hard to bring down. When our normal, everyday functions can serve to be the very factors that quicken transmission, there is no telling how many people can become infected and add to the mounting death toll.




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3. Wit

The field of oncology, with its continuous growth and ever-changing landscape, offers us a wide scope of knowledge in the realm of medicine as well as human emotions. In this film, the main character’s resolve gives way to a deeper sense of fear, anticipation, sadness, and hope. Furthermore, as shown in this clip, the patient-physician relationship forms the foundation of eventual outcome, which can be quite astutely impacted by the demeanor.



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