Medical Shows To Remember #9: Private Practice

If you are a person who hates change, but still want to satisfy yourself for having tried something new, then Private Practice may be for you. A spinoff following Grey’s Anatomy, this show highlights some of the finer aspects of medicine by focusing on connecting with patients and understanding their concerns on a personal basis (while focusing on the drama of relationships and such, of course).




Just as depicted in my last collection of articles on medicine in the realm of big screen cinema, television is likewise marked by a wide variety of showings that bring forth the novelty as well as uniqueness of the medical field. While many of us are familiar with a good majority of these shows, some are not so well known (yet still reflect key aspects of medicine worth pondering).


Over the course of 10 articles, I will be presenting you all with some clips from some of the most famous as well as artistically fascinating shows in television history. Fondly reminisce the ones you have come across (and binge watched several times) while starting to get your summer list together for the new ones (that you now just have to watch)!


9. Private Practice

Just as a big medical center presents systemic challenges, a clinic likewise comes with a unique set of obstacles. As shown in this show, the personal interactions between a patient and physician often give rise to rare situations that shake even the best general practitioners and specialists.


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