Medical Advancements To Look Forward To This Year #1: Human Microbiome

And here we are again…another year with new possibilities and tremendous scope for groundbreaking progress. Considering the state of medicine and healthcare today, there are many things to look forward to this year. In an effort to capture the highlights, let’s take a look at what truly has the potential to make its mark as one of the many featured stories of 2017.




1. The Human Microbiome

2016 saw a surge in interest in the microbiome, a field that studies the microbiotic organisms that reside within human beings and the influence they extend towards our overall health and well being. While the area has been under investigation for several years, it received the greatest interest last year, purporting an even more passionate introspection this coming year.


Beyond the basic characteristics of the microbiome and its interaction with our organ systems (covered in the TED Talk below), one of the most interesting features of this field arises due to its significant philosophical and paradigm-altering applications. Since the discovery that microbiotic cells exceed human cells in numbers, this has brought to question what it really means to be human. Furthermore, the genetic influence is greatly intriguing, questioning the degree of influence impacted by our own genetic makeup in comparison to that of the microbiome.


Once again, medicine has brought us to a crossroads with other areas of study, encouraging an interdisciplinary approach that is sure to bring some interesting discussions to the forefront. We’ll just have to wait and see what our best minds find out about the human microbiome and its role in our existence.

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