Why is this med student marrying her diploma?

Higher education is a demanding commitment, and graduating medical school is quite an achievement. While many medical student graduates go unto their medical track, business as usual, Angie Hamouie did something unique upon receiving of her diploma.

Angie has a public website, showcasing the inspiration and details of her “Graduwedding”. She describes her idea in the home page:

Imagine a graduation party that’s as EXTRA as a wedding. That’s a Graduwedding. It’s unlike any graduation party ever. A graduation is a person walking across a stage and accepting a really expensive piece of paper. But a ~Graduwedding~ is so much more– It’s the union of two souls, in this case Angie and her Medical Degree (MD).


The idea for the Graduwedding occurred after Angie discovered the results of her match into residency (read that story on the Enmatchment page!) She was so elated, she wanted to celebrate with literally anyone and everyone she’d ever met, and even people she hadn’t. This was such a big deal for her, because it was the culmination of 3 degrees and 9 years of higher education. Her match represented everything she had worked toward. Angie realized this graduation would only happen once in her life. She wondered, why is it that no one really celebrates their graduation? And if she threw a party, how could she convey that this party was a Big Deal?


So the idea of the Graduwedding was born. This party is the celebration of the life-long partnership Angie will have with her diploma. She hopes the sentiment of the Graduwedding will spread and that other graduates, from high school diplomas to PhD’s, will celebrate their achievements in the same magnificent way.

You can view pictures of the “Graduwedding” here. The official date of the “Graduwedding” is May 13th. Feel free to share and comment below!

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