Issues Medical Students Should Be Aware Of #8: Prescribing Drugs


The pharmaceutical industry forms a big portion of the affairs that physicians carry out everyday. From the drugs prescribed to the clinical trials conducted, medicine is closely intermingled with the development and use of new medications. However, issues arise when the reporting on the safety, efficacy, and utility of these drugs remains undisclosed due to certain conventional procedures.




If you are a medical student who has gone through clinical rotations, you might likely have had this experience (especially on the surgical floors). If you are just starting medical school, it’s something to look forward to!


With this pleasant perspective in mind, I want to actually talk about some of the key issues that you can (and likely should) be aware of as a prospective or current medical student. Beyond the technical medical knowledge, I want to vouch for the crucial importance of being aware of controversial topics that come up repeatedly and consistently in the medical field. As someone who will be holding the mantle as the future of medicine, medical students should be cognizant of current controversies that are garnering attention, forcing us future physicians to take a stand as the appointed leaders.


Over the course of the next several articles, I will be presenting unique perspectives delivered by experts on intriguing medical issues. And to make it even more interesting, they will be TED Talks! My only advice: Take some time to think hard about these topics. Who knows, you might just end up being a leading authority one day!


8. Prescribing Drugs

In the video below, Ben Goldacre delves into the specific aspects of this very topic, exposing the many instances of unreported negative findings that can prove to be hazardous to physicians who prescribe new drugs to patients with incomplete knowledge. As future medical students, this issue is particularly for us to resolve, reinventing a system that ensures patient safety.


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