The Top Instagram Profiles Medical Students Should Follow

Being a medical student is one of the most challenging, fascinating, motivating and involving things you’ll ever do. Every day brings new problems to solve, new facts to learn, and new cases to investigate but that doesn’t mean you don’t occasionally find yourself lacking a bit of inspiration. However, thanks to the advent of social media, you can not only gain moments of much-needed inspiration from your mobile device, but you can also top up your knowledge while on the go! What are the best practices medical students should follow on social media? Better yet, what are the best Instagram profiles medical students should follow?

All over the world, medical institutions and forward-thinking individuals in your field are using Instagram to sow seeds of brilliance across the internet, and the following Instagram accounts aimed directly at medical students are sure to provide real moments of wonder and academic curiosity. These social media accounts are ideal for browsing when on your way to college, sitting on a bus, waiting for a friend at a cafe, or during any other downtime you experience in your busy day. Fun, exciting, and full of surprising facts and unique cases, they can help with your academic performance and problem-solving skills, too. Who’d have thought procrastinating on Instagram could be so useful? 

The awesome team at @essentialsofem asked me to make some notes for their most recent conference, and I was more than happy for the invite. This note was created to accompany the lecture by Dr. Richard Cantor, Pediatric Emergency and Infectious Disease extraordinaire (both of which are specialties I would love to practice some day). His talk featured the dermatologic manifestations of gram positive infections, and some clues to help you determine when you should really start to be worried. Thank you #EEM2018 for including me, and for giving me a new platform to share my way of learning with the #FOAMed community!! #meded #EM #EEM #emergencymedicine #emergency #infectious #infectiousdisease #infection #staph #strep #derm #dermatology #medicalnotes #smartwork #knowledgeispower

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Katy Hanson


Katy Hanson is a highly talented artist, and her creative impressions of essential medical concepts are an absolute joy to browse whether you’re a medical student or otherwise. While her drawings and paintings might not be as accurate or medically conclusive as some of the other material you’ll find in this list, they offer some other advantages. They are inspirational, insightful, and will make critical concepts and ideas stick in your mind more effectively than any photograph or passage of text would!

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Medical Talks


There are some Instagram accounts out there which follow a similar theme as Medicaltalks, but we’d argue that this one is among the finest. Every day, the account administrators upload new photos and pieces of information about some of the most compelling and exciting medical cases from around the world. Every picture comes with an informative image caption, and merely having this on your feed is enough to inspire you to study harder, and take your medical training further!

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On the face of it, Figure1 is a medical Instagram account which presents fascinating surgical cases and information aimed at those exploring the world of medicine. However, it’s also the gateway to an app which is used by over a million medical professionals, as well as an upcoming podcast uncovering the same themes. Endless inspiration at your fingertips!

Medschool Life


Being a medical student can be hard at times. You’ve got a long journey ahead of you, and while many of your fellow students can enjoy plenty of freedom and downtime during their studies, you’re packing in the hours and pulling all-nighters in the library and lab. This fun and funky Instagram account features snippets of life as a medical student, alongside inspirational quotes for medics and memes, and boasts items to snazz up your white jacket, too!

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As the title suggests, this Insta account is full of inspirational images and quotes, aimed at restoring your faith in your studies and discipline. You’ll also find plenty of short videos and links to the founder’s YouTube channel, which is also jam-packed with inspirational goodies to keep you going through the stricter weeks of your studies!

Cincinnati Children’s Radiology


Many of the medical school Instagram accounts out there are very general in their approach and cover a wide array of medical disciplines. As such, it’s kind also to follow accounts which are a little more specialized. This account – which is run by Cincinnati Children’s Radiology – posts regular images exploring the findings of radiology procedures conducted on their young patients, as well as explorations of the results and other content, too.

There’s no doubt about the fact that Instagram is proving to be a fantastic tool for medical students all across the globe. Facilitating discussion, inspiring new ideas, and sharing the cases which might never make it into the medical textbooks, it’s the ideal method for taking the medical profession further than ever before.

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