How to Stop Worrying On A Late Night Out

In the “Wild West” of college partying, there are many risks to take into account. Sure, there are the normal ones such as drinking too much or spending all of your money at the club, but my least favorite is losing someone late at night.

I’m fortunate enough to have some friends who are girls (that’s right, actual platonic girlfriends) that I sometimes go out with, and it’s a huge drag on a great night when we realize someone is lost and they’re not answering their phone. We have to halt the festivities, get in touch with everyone, and confirm that the person is alive and safe.

That’s why I was very relieved when I saw this article about a new service called Kitestring. Kitestring is designed to check in on you at predetermined times of the night, and messages your emergency contacts if it receives no response. The interface is easy to manage, and it can easily be turned off or pushed back with a simple text if you’re busy.  While it might not necessarily keep you out of trouble, it at the very least can be a reassurance (or warning) to your worried friends.

That way, you’ll hopefully end up like this:


And not like this:


So stay safe, and have fun tonight, and don’t forget to study first!

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Jacob Couzens

Jacob is a summer intern at The Doctor’s Channel. He is currently a Pre-Dental student and Finance major at Yeshiva University, and works for an Oral Surgeon during the summer as well. While Jacob usually spends his time trying to outrun his many female fans, he also enjoys athletics, reading, cooking, and playing/listening to music.