How Much Your Health Affects Your Wallet

Smoking, fast food, and lack of exercise can both affect your wellness and your money. Learn how much bad health affects your wallet. 

Creating positive health changes in patients can be a difficult task. Once habits are ingrained, they become harder to break. Exposing more pain points for these habits can change a person’s viewpoint and lead them to change. Physical inactivity and poor diet choices continue to surge, and a new motive is needed to help people improve their health.

Smoking has been one of the biggest health concerns for decades now, but did you know smoking can cost a person between $6,500 and $13,500 a year? The average cost of a cigarette averages out to be around 31 cents, which comes out to $1,358 a year. The hidden costs come in the form of higher insurance premiums and loss of insurance credits. The total cost of smoking with these factors adds up to a much greater financial sacrifice.

The increase in fast food consumption has also made for a costlier lifestyle. Consumers spend an average of $1,200 a year on fast food which can lead up to an additional $5,500 a year in healthcare costs. The caloric increase not only leads to weight gain, but is generally coupled with an inactive lifestyle as well.

Physical inactivity, according to the World Health Organization, is the 4th leading risk factor in mortality worldwide. The five major diseases caused by obesity cost patients 67.5 billion dollars a year worldwide. This massive surge in combination with a shortened life span is a real eye-opener for many patients.

Whether your patients are trying to save a few dollars or qualify for a better life insurance plan, cutting back on these habits can dramatically improve both their health and wealth. Print off this infographic and keep it where your patients can see it. They might be surprised how much bad habits are actually costing them.

How Much Your Health Impacts Your Wealth


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