How Much Could Nurse Practitioners Earn?

Becoming a nurse practitioner may offer a number of perks, which, depending on the employer, can include flexible work schedules, childcare services, and educational benefits.[i] While these can be great benefits, many students considering whether or not to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner want to know how much could nurse practitioners earn.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average median salary for nurse practitioners across the country is $107,460 a year or $51.67 per hour.[ii] But those figures can range depending on the industry, the work environment, and where you live.

This infographic from, the authority resource on everything about graduate schools and graduate degrees on the web, breaks down the highest paying states and metropolitan areas, the top paying industries and work environments, and how much you might make as a nurse practitioner in your area.

In the coming years, there may even be more opportunities for you enter this profession. In fact, the BLS projects the number of nurse practitioners will increase 36% for the ten years 2016 to 2026.[iii] So, if you’re considering pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner or if you have any questions about the potential earnings, click on the infographic for all the answers.

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How Much could Nurse Practitioners Earn




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