History Of Healthcare In America #10: The Last Century

Since this is the last article in the series, here’s a quite interesting video depicting the history of American healthcare in the forms of political cartoons. As shown, the growing importance of this topic in the first few decades of the 20th century gave rise to a host of complexities, interactions, inconsistencies, and issues. Given our history, what can we look forward to for the future? Will we be able to strike the right balance between affordable costs and effective care?




Healthcare is one of the hottest topics in discussion today. But how exactly did the American healthcare system come to be? What were some of the dynamic modifications and transformations it went through in order to embody its present form?


Rather than looking at it from a purely chronological and historical perspective, let’s analyze the progression of healthcare from a political viewpoint. The politics and policymaking around this topic has been marked by constant debate and controversy. Our presidents have been some of the most vocal advocates on this matter, shaping the course of healthcare over the past several decades.


Thus, in the course of the next several articles, we will be looking at short clips from presidents, both recent and past (yet undoubtedly notable). My hope is to gain a better understanding of the past, present, and hopefully the future of healthcare. Who knows, we might just find the solution that everyone’s been looking for!


10. The Last Century



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