It’s All About Lifestyle—24 Healthy Habits, Hobbies & Scientific Facts

There’s no doubt that if people were asked about whether or not they want to be healthy, the answer would be “yes.” So, why do we wait for some special opportunity if it’s possible to have healthy habits without putting much effort into it? All that’s needed is a bit of free time, dedication, and a certain amount of patience.

Why all that? Because the change doesn’t happen in a single day. Staying healthy is something you invest time and effort into. And your body will thank you.

The infographic below leads you through the steps to becoming healthier. No one says that you should stop there. This may only be the beginning. After getting a taste of it, you’ll want to move to something a bit more serious.

So, the infographic contains 24 healthy lifestyle habits and hobbies for you to pick up. Apart from that, it’s going to share a couple of scientific facts showing the benefits to your academic performance and life in general from staying fit.

All About Lifestyle

Want to learn more about exercising the right way? Make sure to take this quiz! Or if you want to keep up your good work, make working out into a game!

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University set out to test the theory that participants could be incentivized to increase their physical activity through the gamification of exercise. All participants in the study wore step counters to measure their daily activity and received feedback each day on their achievements. However, those in the intervention group were given the opportunity to earn points and progress through reward levels as they increased their physical activity.

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