Healthcare Around The World #5: New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is not as common in daily conversation as the countries we have looked at so far. However its healthcare system is not something that should be overlooked. This educational video notes some of the major differences between New Zealand’s and the United States’ healthcare systems.




To at least some degree, we are all aware of the dynamics around healthcare in the United States, centering around the struggles to make services affordable, ensuring equal access to care, and juggling the politics of party-line views between private and federally-sponsored healthcare (with everything along the middle of that spectrum). But how do other countries around the world offer healthcare to its people? Can their models provide us with some insight into how to modify our system to make it better?


Over the course of the next several articles, we will be viewing some interesting clips on the general model of healthcare in select countries across the globe. While this sampling is in no way representative of all possible models out there, it undoubtedly provides us with intriguing information to ponder.


Also, a disclaimer before we start. Some of the videos may be presenting biased opinions about the superiority of certain healthcare systems. My intention is to simply deliver the information without advocating for any particular viewpoint.


5. New Zealand

As shown in the video below, New Zealand has a largely public healthcare system with private services available as wanted by individuals. Given the relatively small population of the country as a whole and the concentration of resources in the city of Auckland, access to specialist services is limited. Furthermore, the inability to sue patients is not present, potentially compromising care in certain respects. Overall, the model of healthcare is influenced by the state of the country as a whole and the standard of living of its people, likely raising questions about its reproducibility in a country as large as the United States.



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