Four Ways to be Merry While Working on Christmas Day

Are you on a hospital shift this Christmas? It stinks, but you have to shake the feeling of irritation or it will hound you all day. Even though the occasion should be celebrated among loved ones don’t let the Grinch steal your joy.

Look at the bright side: there are patients and coworkers in the same boat. Instead of being the sullen one, take it as an opportunity to show the true spirit of the season. How can you make the holiday work merry?

Plan ahead

The work rotation didn’t happen overnight, it was released in advance so plan ahead.

Notify your family and make adjustments, rearrange some of your valued Christmas traditions to a time when you are not working. If you are scheduled on the day shift to celebrate on Christmas Eve. Kids don’t mind opening presents any time, so open these when you’re around and leave some behind for Christmas Day.

You might find a co-worker who is willing to trade shifts.

Trim your workplace

Christmas celebration is about decoration that makes a place cheerful. Decorate the pantry or the nurse station it will bring a festive atmosphere that will bring joy to you and your coworkers. Have each coworker bring a decoration that they would use at home, it’ll go a long way. Remember, it’s the season to celebrate, enjoy the moment.

Rub the Christmas spirit to patients by decorating their room, wear pins or hats to make them part of the festivities.

Seek the permission of the administration, you might go overboard and violate the facility’s policies and guidelines.




Organize a party

Nurses adore food, doctors delight in food, and all healthcare workers love food. Bring tons of food on Christmas Day that anybody on duty can indulge during breaks. Prior to Christmas Day, post a flyer requesting people on duty to sign in and specify the food they’ll bring. It’ll be a fun experience, everybody will be excited to test the cooking of others. You’ll be surprised at crock pots full of food and sweets brought in by colleagues.

Everybody on duty is welcome including those who didn’t bring food. Don’t forget your patients, they’ll surely relish the moment spending Christmas with you. Enlist the help of others to have a fun time yourself.

Celebrate with patients and coworkers

If your facility is strict, you can still wish anyone you meet a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Don’t be sad about spending Christmas in the hospital, remember there are coworkers and patients who feel the same.

Working in healthcare is a 24/7 commitment to patients and medical professionals are dedicated to doing it. Besides, you can’t stop an emergency or a person getting sick on Christmas Day. If it wasn’t for the sacrifice of your time, patients wouldn’t get the care they need. You don’t need to go as far as providing gifts, share your fondest holiday memory can lift both your spirits.

Take delight in your job, you might be saving a patient’s life or giving birth on Christmas Day.

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