Four Twitter Accounts Med Students Should Follow

Studying medicine is not exactly the easiest task to tackle. With the increasing proliferation of social media, many people continue to insist that the many social media platforms that exist today pose a pretty real distraction for medical students. However, it does not actually have to be this way, since but many people have now taken ownership of the various platforms out there so as to help medical students, rather than hinder them. Let us check out a few Twitter accounts to follow, that have been set up to effectively help medical students with their test reviews, studies, work ethic, or just about anything that will help them cope with everyday life as a student of medicine.

The BS and fake news detector extraordinaire: @CaulfieldTim

Tim Caulfield is a professor at the University of Alberta and teaches health law and science policy. His claim to fame is the fact that he always seems to know how to read scientific studies and distinguish the same from the ‘fluff’ that masquerades as real science. He has an intuitive knowledge of just when fake people are trying to make health claims that are either not backed by science or for that matter, are backed by pseudo-science at the very most. And what is more, he is definitely not afraid of calling out all such individuals who actually make such fake claims. A case in point being his very latest book, “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?”

The sentinel of science: @greg_folkers

Greg’s Twitter account is for any aspiring science student who is keen on following the science of infectious diseases very closely. He tweets like having your very own personal reader. Heis the chief of staff to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is in his turn, the current head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NAID). If a really interesting or important study is ever published,  the odds are Folkers will probably know all about it and promptly tweet the same too. This is an absolutely invaluable aggregation for all those medical students who are desirous of studying infectious medicine.

The all-around patient’s friend: @vmontori

As a dedicated clinician, Dr. Victor Montori has specialized in the study and treatment of diabetes as the Director of Community Engagement at the Mayo Clinic. He is also a keen advocate for purely evidence based clinical practice as well as being a proponent of minimally disruptive medicine.

Study tips on Twitter, courtesy of @Medrx_education

USMLE Case Review specializes in mnemonics and also churns out various high yield facts for important exams using the short sentence format. On top of that, this account is highly interactive and  tends to answer questions that users post, by his own self. This is a very active account.

These are just a few of the more well-known Twitter accounts out there for medical students. If you were to look for more, we’ll be featuring more accounts for you to follow in the future!

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