Four Medical Schools Are That Redefining Medical Education

When I was reading the news, I noticed several medical schools doing amazing things to change their curriculum and provide more a more progressive experience for its students. I wanted to highlight some of those new developments and shout out a few medical schools for doing a great job.


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University of Central Florida Medical School started a culinary medicine course as a preventive measure to address the obesity epidemic and other rising metabolic disorders. According to an interview in an article, the intention is to teach medical schools how to counsel patients on nutrition and healthy cooking. The culinary medicine course was launched by Tulane University years ago and UCF College of Medicine is the latest among a group of 40 other medical schools to embrace the innovative course and offer it as a 4-week elective to its medical students.

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine put together a panel of experts to talk about the Indigenous communities living around the school. The panel consists of four members of the medical school faculty. The school wishes to be held accountable to the Indigenous Peoples and the communities of the region. According to an article on the event, the panel will review the following: Indigenous leadership, influence and author in the school, cultural safety and cultural and academic support in the learning and working environment of the medical school, and curriculum related to Indigenous history, traditions, culture, world view and health.

Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons has a new financial aid policy that guarantees debt-free graduation for its medical students. The new policy makes Columbia the first medical school in the country to provide scholarship-only financial aid. According to a Columbia press release, the scholarships are financed by the Dr. P. Roy and Diana Vagelos endowment fund. The couple has donated over $300 million to the Medical School. The Vagelos’ hope the fund would allow medical students to pursue specialties that interest them, instead having financial burden to chose a lucrative specialty.

Harvard Medical School and University of California, San Francisco are two medical schools that putting great value into including transgender health issues into the curriculum. The school offers elective courses for students. A Healio article states that there are 1-1.4 million transgender people in the United States making it inevitable that physicians will have transgender patients eventually.

Shout out to these medical schools for taking education to the next level!


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