Five Tips For Choosing The Right Medical Field

When a student decides to study medicine, there can be an overwhelming amount of choices to be made. There are many options in the medical field that can be explored. It is also important to choose something that suites you. Keeping an open mind to the other options available is an important start. Once you’ve managed to do that, you can move forward.

When we think about the medical field, our minds seem to limit the options to only a ‘Medical Doctor’. Many students cannot get into medical school because there is only a limited amount of students accepted every year. So let’s say, you’ve applied at an institution to become a medical doctor, but unfortunately was unsuccessful. What other options do you have? How do you determine which of these other options will suit you best?

Your base

Before you apply for any studies, decide on where you would like to build a career. Look at the current industry needs and make sure that you will be able to find employment in your preferred area. You may be busy submitting a recommendation letter for nursing school, only to find out that the area you want to work in does not have job openings. This is why you need to make sure that wherever it is that you are setting your heart on to pursue a career, will be available. Maybe you want to work with children or an old aged home. Pinpoint some areas which have the best job opportunities and target those as your goal.

Skills & Experience

Through the years you have built up a set of skills. What you need to do is align those skills to a career option to kind of give yourself a head start. You could look at a pharmacist recommendation letter sample and measure your skills and experience with the points in the sample. It is also important to add value during your career and if you walk in with skills to help, you will be pleased and so would the practice.


In everything that you do it is important to do the foundation work. If you want to be a nurse, speaking to other nurses or reading up on what the job entails, are going to very beneficial to you. Whatever it takes, make sure to gather as much information as possible about the potential career choice. Look at school options and tuition fees so that you can make an informed decision. There are so many factors to consider and it is best when you have as much information as possible. Look for some reference letter tips to make sure you know what to ask of people writing these letters.

Open days

If you have the opportunity to go to an open day, I would advise you to do so. Once you get a feel for the school as well as the curriculum, you will usually know if it is for you or not. There is no need to rush into anything because you are going to be in this career for a long time. Be sure to ask questions at these open days and get as any of it answered. A good idea is to make a list of questions and take it with you. You do not want to forget important.

Speak to professionals

Another great way to get clear information on your career choice, is to speak to someone who is already working in that field. There would be no better person to advise you on this choice. Ask about the pros and cons and tell them to be completely honest with you. You do not have to make a decision then and there. Speak to someone in every field that interests you. By taking your time to make a final decision, you would feel more confident and excited to start.

Extra Tip: Do not get overwhelmed with this decision before it is crunch time. There will always be another deadline and if you have not come to a decision yet, you can always do it another later. This is not something that should be rushed, so take as much time as possible. It would be devastating to make an uninformed decision and then finding out that it was the wrong choice.


Many people believe that a career does not define the person and although it is true, you need to at least want to be there. If you are unhappy at work, it will drain you and become a frustrating experience. This is why it is important to first go through all the steps and make sure you make the best decision for you. Many people chose a career because they are pressurized into making a decision or maybe they just want to start earning money.

Make sure your motivation is for all the right reasons. There is no shame in choosing a job not as glorified as a Medical Doctor because each and everyone in the medical field are important. Without a pharmacist, you won’t get your prescribed medicine. A nurse does so much work and the value is incredible. Choose wisely and you will end up in the right career.


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