Five Careers For Health Degree Graduates

One of the main problems that students often tend to face after they complete their degree and/or certification is the big question of, “Where do I go from here?”. Must health degree graduates go to medical school or are there alternatives?

It might have once felt like getting a health degree meant building the foundation of your career but now that you’ve done it, you start to understand how lost you truly are. Don’t be discouraged, there’s a lot that you can do with your health degree which most people are not necessarily aware of.

Opening the doors to great opportunities

One thing is for sure, your health degree can never go to waste. Here are a few ways you can make sure to enhance your health career:

#1: Health Coach

Health coach is allows you to have a one-on-one setting with your clients and lay out a plan to promote a healthier lifestyle. This plan is often related to their current health requirements and as their health counselor, your main responsibilities will majorly be:

– Educate and promote health maintenance

– Guide lifestyle changes such as diet, smoking cessation, mental health management, etc.

– Counsel the client on health management

– Develop health seminars

These are only a few responsibilities place on you. Remember, before opting for this field, research the type of certification you want since health coach is quite vast. Rest assured it’s going to only be successful in the future since this field is known to face a 21% employment increase by 2021 and the people most beneficial by this would be organizations implementing wellness programs.

#2: Medical sales representative

If you’re interested in sales as well as medical, then this merging of the two is the right choice for you. Medical sales representatives mainly have to:

– Organize conference for medical staff as well as doctors.

– Presenting products to medical staff and doctors

– “Cold-calling” or arranging appointments with potential customers

– Managing the budgets that cater to conferences, guest speakers, hospitality, etc.

This is a great way to use your healthcare degree as well as gaining a broader perspective on the different fields.

#3: Adult Nurse

If you have a practical nature where you tend to observe care and well-being for those around you then this field is the perfect way to put your health degree to good use. Your main responsibilities will be:

– Having direct contact with patients with chronic illnesses

– Building the relationship and confidence with each patient

– Administer every patient’s health

– Maintain records and promote education on patient wellbeing

You will basically be responsible for handling the patient’s needs and with the advantage of having to attend several different cases daily, you will not be constraint to a specific field.

#4: Social Worker

Social workers are often perceived with negative connotations; however, they are very crucial to the wellbeing of the society. Mainly working to help people in vulnerable conditions, you should prepare yourself to make tough decisions as well. You will basically be required to:

– Assess family situations via interviews

– Analyzing the best course of action for tough situations

– Participating in meetings and teams specializing in multidiscipline such as mental health and children welfare.

– Giving court evidence

Before opting for this field, it’s best to be aware that you will be dealing with several different teams of people for example, elderly, physically disabled, young offenders, etc.

#5: Occupational Therapist

By choosing this you will basically be playing a motivational role for adults as well as children facing social, mental or even physical disabilities. You will mainly be required to:

– Develop rehabilitation programs to rebuild skills and self-confidence

– Act as liaison with physiotherapists, doctors, etc. to help patients and their families gain the best.

– Mentor patients on the ability to control their behaviors

– Teach techniques to mange stress and anxiety

You should be prepared to face different types of patients who might be difficult to handle as well. However, the job of an occupational therapist would always be rewarding.

There’s a lot more that you can do with your health degree to advance in your medical career. If you face any other problems related to your medical career, then simply visit The Almost Doctor’s Channel and gain the best advices.

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