Should I Eat An Efficient or a Healthy Breakfast in the Morning?

“Have a big breakfast.” A phrase I have been hearing from my mother since the day I left for kindergarten.  But it never really fit with my one glass of milk and maybe aPop Tart, lifestyle. I can now say that I have entered the adult world and swapped out the milk for coffee, but the Pop Tart will remain. But I know I may be in the minority with my simplistic, relatively unhealthy breakfast so I want to address how others see breakfast and the differences between healthy and efficient.  

Famous celebrities and influential people in society have spoken out on what their breakfast routines are, as covered by an article from  

For example, Warren Buffett has had the same routine for the past 54 years, only deviating in small amounts. But when he attends the wonderful grease pit that is McDonald’s, one the staples of the United States, the great investor never spends more than $3.17 when he starts his day.  Versus the likes of Beyonce who is said to have Scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie, or some whole grain cereal and milk; a much more complex and possibly healthier breakfast. But which one is more efficient? Warren Buffett never spends more than $3.17 a day; I know I have personally dropped around twenty dollars on breakfast before, trying to make an “efficient” and healthy breakfast, and ended up wishing it was just a McGriddle.

In that sense, I consider Warren’s a more efficient breakfast than Beyonce’s but consider Queen B’s much healthier.  But if I had a choice, I would still take Warren’s breakfast. In the long term, the breakfast is so much more efficient, and to me that is more valuable than the slight unhealthy nature of the food. A sausage egg and cheese in the morning saves time, money, and stress. Protein shakes alone can cost more than three dollars every morning and that is rarely the only thing people have, usually combined with eggs or grains, the total breakfast could rack up a tab anywhere from five to ten dollars; I would be saving more than half of what you health nuts would be spending.  It’s also a quick breakfast as it is fast food, no waiting for eggs to scramble or having to chop and peel fruit for your smoothies; now while I make these things seem time consuming, they really aren’t; but again in the long run the time you save tallies up. Finally stress, the biggest worry about healthy foods is that you are constantly thinking about which foods you are eating.  The consistency of a morning routine trip to McDonalds provides no stress to the morning, other than the people on the line.  You know exactly what your getting every time, and even have the freedom to deviate every now and then without worrying about it, such as Buffett does. All those together leads me to consider A McDonald’s breakfast an efficient breakfast.

Now because I know your mouths are watering for more efficient breakfasts, I’ll lay some out for all of you at home.

Oatmeal banana; oatmeal can be relatively cheap and the banana can either be used at once or rationed into two breakfasts.  The banana also takes away the dryness of the oatmeal so you get some flavor before you hit the exam rooms.

Power bars; honestly they are the best little morning snacks, while it’s not a meal, it gets me going and it’s a perfect little snack to carry around after your morning coffee; have it during surgery breaks to give yourself a little morning treat.

Finally, leftovers: this is my absolute favorite breakfast, people think I’m weird for it; sue me.  Having leftovers for breakfast is the ultimate way to start your day, and I mean any leftovers.  It’s a free meal, and can be an absolute treat in the morning. Nothing like some leftover steak, take it and, since it was a leftover meal it’s free, pair it with some eggs to make a cheap yet boujee breakfast.  But then again, this is all coming from the writer who’d eat left over General Tso’s chicken as the start to his day.

Let us know in the comments how you choose to start your day, and if you agree with the above article.

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Nick Provenzano

Nick is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel and current business student at the University of Pittsburgh. H2P.