Why Is It So Easy To Become Jaded In Medicine?

12 weeks and counting…


This is the amount of time that I have spent so far as a medical student. It had always been my dream to become a physician, finally moving beyond the free exploration during my college years to a focused pursuance and application of medicine. I was excited to finally start learning the tricks of the trade – how do you run a code, what complications can arise from putting in a central line, will I ever get to do a bedside thoracotomy in my career, and much more. But most important of all, having the fortunate privilege of talking to patients, helping them, and being a part of their journey to recovery was the most energizing.




However, having been in the classroom for the past 3 months, I am starting to see why one can simply drift into a state of complacency, caring only about passing through to get to the next stage in the process. Your motivation starts to dwindle and you start thinking about the least harmful option.


So what really is the culprit behind this characteristic progression in the lives of many aspiring medical professionals? And is there nothing we can do to stop it?


As it turns out, there are multiple factors that contribute to this phenomenon, including the sheer amount of material that a medical student has to learn in an accelerated timeframe, an expectation to push through and succeed without complaining, and a culture of competition that rewards some while reprimanding most. But you might say that these are all inherent in medicine, a profession that demands excellence and perseverance for the right reasons. I mean come on! These are people’s lives we are dealing with.


But what if there is a more profound source behind all this, a system that may be in need of change in order to foster future generations of young physicians who have better tools, mindsets, and resources at their disposal to deliver better patient care?


To aid our perspective on this, I’m going to turn it over to one of our all-time favorites – ZDoggMD.


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Yash Pandya

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