Rohan Jotwani, "Almost" MD/MBA

Rohan Jotwani is a co-founder of The "Almost" Doctor's Channel and serves as Managing Editor. He is currently an MD/MBA student at the Tufts School of Medicine and is an avid producer and reader on topics in digital health, neuroscience and global health. Raised in Seoul, South Korea and Flushing, Queens, Rohan graduated from Columbia University. He has previously worked at The Doctor's Channel, WebMD and Pfizer, and is the former President of the Columbia Debate team.


Abby Norman

Abby Norman is a science writer who enjoys prodding topics that range from the mundane to the insane. She currently works as a health guide working with high risk diabetes patients. When she's not at her desk, she can usually be found in the hospital library, the OR or the morgue. When she's not researching or working, she also write part-time for BHM Healthcare Solutions.


Adrusht Madapoosi

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Alanna Shaikh, MPH

Alanna Shaikh is a global health professional currently based in Baku, Azerbaijan. She has managed projects all over the world on health, livelihoods, education, and emergency relief. Her technical specialties include health system strengthening, service integration, and behavior change.


Aleiyah Kristin

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Alex Jonokuchi

Alex is a Neuroscience major in his senior year at Columbia University. At school, he is a research assistant in a brain imaging lab, an outdoor orientation leader and Vice President of his fraternity. In his quest to become a doctor, he hopes never to forget how much he enjoys campfires, baseball games, short stories, and the taste of a perfectly hopped pale ale.


Ali Kreigsman, "Almost" A Starving Artist

Ali is a recent UPenn graduate who is sadly most famous for her mac and cheese. Follow her at @Akriegz or just keep living your life, it’s fine. It’s fine.


Ambreen Ahmed

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Amy Gold

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Ashley Parker, PhD

Ashley has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and is a research engineer in the healthcare field by day. She also writes about grad school, research, and productivity at and @PurposefulPhD on Twitter.


Bobak Zonnoor, MD

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Carolyn Irvin

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Carter Duggan, "Almost" MD

Carter Duggan is a first year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine on the Purdue University campus. Prior to medical school, he earned his degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University and subsequently worked as a scribe in a local emergency room. He now enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family when he can.


Chantal Mendes

Chantal Mendes is a writer who loves science. She graduated with a journalism degree from Boston University (go Terriers!) and is currently a third year at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. In addition to her interests in cardiology and pediatrics, Chantal enjoys rock-climbing, anything Lord of the Rings related and looking for the best poutine in Vermont. She shares stories of her journey from journalist to prospective doctor on her blog, and tweets @Chantal_Mendes.


Dahlia Pasik, "Almost" MD

Dahlia Pasik grew up in Long Beach, NY, a few short blocks from the beach. She graduated with a Bachelors in Biology from Stern College of Yeshiva University NY, NY and is currently an MD Candidate of the class of 2020 at Technion American Medical School in Haifa, Israel - where she gets to enjoy a local beach there as well. Aside from her constant indulgence of living in beach towns, medicine has been her calling since elementary school, and she looks forward to fulfilling her dream of healing the world.


David Eisenberg, "Almost" MD

David Eisenberg is a co-founder of “PreMD Tracker”, an app for pre-med student’s to help them stay organized, on track and guided throughout the competitive premed process. He is an MD candidate at The Commonwealth Medical College, class of 2018. David graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a major in Neuroscience and continues to pursue this interest. Outside of studying and the office, David enjoys mountain biking, tae kwon do, and traveling.


David Lieberman

My name is David Lieberman. I work as the president of As one of the founding members of, I have helped the company from its initial concept into the leading digital automotive marketplace. Also, I am a technology investor and advisor, helping companies and entrepreneurs with their projects and sites.


Dr. Fizzy

Freida McFadden is a midwestern physician who has finally finally finally come to the end of her grueling medical training, and at last she has enough time to publish the wealth of cartoons she's created over the years. If you enjoy them, please comment. If you don't enjoy them, then you can just keep your fool mouth shut. Read the rest at, and make sure to check out her books, A Cartoon Guide To Becoming A Doctor, and The Devil You Know, on Amazon!


Elizabeth Borowiec

Elizabeth Borowiec is in her third year at Georgetown University, majoring in Biological Physics, and set to matriculate to the Georgetown School of Medicine Class of 2021. When she’s not studying—though sometimes while—she enjoys singing, playing the piano, exploring the nation’s capital and drinking Earl Grey tea.


Ellie Brooks, MD

Ellie Brooks is an EM resident who is super excited about finally being done with med school, but hates wearing this ugly black, beeping box on her hip they call a pager. In her ever-dwindling spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her canine, climbing rocks, sleeping in tents, and meeting many random human beings.


Emily Ka Yi Tam

Emily Ka Yi Tam is a MD/MPH student at UCLA/Harvard. She was originally from Hong Kong, then moved and stayed in California until her MPH year in Boston. She is interested serving the disadvantaged population, especially children, and will most likely pursue a field of medicine that allows her to interact with children. When she's not studying, she is singing or painting. You can find her in Boston cafes, or you can follow her on Twitter @EmilyKTam


Eric Brown

Eric Brown is a standardized patient (SP) who lives in New York and advises NYCSPREP with their Clinical Skills course. He has a BA from a liberal arts college in the north east, where he majored in the the atrical arts and business (he credits the first for his ability to simulate real patients). He’s amassed years of experience as an SP and keeps up to date with CS exam expectations, trends and developments. When the Phillies are in town, Eric considers it his duty to support his home team. He won’t be seen without his trusty catcher’s mitt on these occasions, and prides himself on having caught more than one foul ball with it. If you have any questions about standardized CS exams or courses at NYCSPREP, email Eric at or visit


Everett Rosenfeld

Everett Rosenfeld is an editor for the Almost Doctor’s Channel. Originally from Baltimore, MD, he just graduated from Yale University with a major in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. In addition to medicine, he is interested in finance and comic books.


Global Electives Port

GEP Limited is a company that does its best to provide the finest healthcare internships abroad to medical students and professionals in the Philippines and Kenya. Connect with poor people of our world who are driven into poverty and ill health. This global populace desperately requires medical help that come in trickles or none at all.


Hanna Erickson, "Almost" MD/PhD

Hanna is a MD/PhD student at the University of Illinois and an aspiring physician scientist who aims to specialize in hepatobiliary cancers. She is also passionate about teaching, leadership, and advocacy. The energy she once used to pep up crowds as a college marching band member is now directed toward exciting and educating others about science and medicine, especially through her tweets at @MDPhDToBe and her blog at


Ian Bass

Ian Bass hopes to attend medical school one day. But for now, he is excited to be a part of the Almost Doctor’s Channel team. For fun, Ian enjoys hiking, swimming, football, or a nice relaxing movie.


Ieroo Park

Ieroo is an editor for The Almost Doctor's Channel. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in English, and is looking forward to becoming an "Almost Doc". In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, tennis, and taking selfies with Dr. Ruth.


Imaz Athar

Imaz Athar is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh, double majoring in Neuroscience and Sociology. He aspires to become a physician and plans on attending medical school in Fall 2017. Imaz fell in love with the art of writing at a young age and is currently the Publisher of Pitt's undergraduate-run science magazine The Pitt Pulse. When he's not writing or keeping up with classes, Imaz enjoys running, playing basketball, watching Empire, singing (in the shower), and listening to all kinds of music.


Jacob Couzens

Jacob is a summer intern at The Doctor’s Channel. He is currently a Pre-Dental student and Finance major at Yeshiva University, and works for an Oral Surgeon during the summer as well. While Jacob usually spends his time trying to outrun his many female fans, he also enjoys athletics, reading, cooking, and playing/listening to music.


Jame Rop

Jame Rop is a content-writer and an amateur guest post writer. His dream is to open animal shelter and make all the homeless dogs and cats happy. His life motto is “Remember that Life is a one way ticket”. He travels a lot, likes extreme and sport.


John Silva, "Almost" MD

I'm John Silva, I was born, then things happened, and now I'm a medical student at OUWB medical school. I enjoy the internet, working out, writing, travel and occasionally doing absolutely nothing. My motivation comes predominantly from rap music and youtube videos. I run on caffeine and lofty aspirations. Read the rest at He tweets @jbesilvs.


Jon LaBrecque, "Almost" MSW, MPH

I am a dual degree student at Boston University’s social work and public health program. I am in my third year and getting ready to change the world.


Josh Lesko, MD

Josh Lesko is a flight surgeon based in San Diego, California, writing about health policy, organized medicine, and whatever else comes across his news desk.


Julie Bradley

I try to help every student with my work. I work as a blogger for the site and other educational sites. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and a degree in the humanities


Kaitlyn Mirabella

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Kevin Wang, "Almost" MD

Kevin Wang is a quality and safety fellow at NYP-Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York. He completed his his BA in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University and is currently applying to medical school. He is also an aspiring entrepreneur and consultant at the Nyes Institute. Follow him @kvnwang.


Kiera Cunningham

Kiera is an editor for The Almost Doctor's Channel. She graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in French. She is currently applying for medical school to begin in the fall of 2014. Kiera also enjoys horseback riding, skiing, hiking with her dog, Charlie, and playing piano.


Komal Kumar

Komal Kumar obtained her MPH in Epidemiology & Biostatistics from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is a researcher, public health advocate, and a 2017-2018 Fulbright Scholar to South Africa.


Kumba Sennaar

Kumba is an experienced freelance writer, ghostwriter, editor, and researcher with nearly a decade of experience. She is an honors graduate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master’s candidate in Biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University. Her passion is to help people live healthier, happier lives. For superior content and/or capacity building for your business or special projects contact Kumba via email at


Lakshmi Krishnan, "Almost" MD

Lakshmi Krishnan is a writer and medical student living in Baltimore. Enough said. You can contact her at[at]


Lakshya Trivedi, TheMDJourney

My name is Lakshya (pronounced Luck-sh) and I’m a third-year medical student at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX. TheMDJourney is my effort to give helpful advice and personal experiences to anyone on a similar journey. It is also my dedicated form of self-reflection and a project I hope to keep on going for a while.


Laurie Breen

Laurie Breen is a freelance writer well-versed in research communications and grant writing. She received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Smith College and has worked previously at the University of Queensland's Centre for Clinical Research in Brisbane, Australia. Her favorite conversational topic is "antibiotic-resistant bacteria," making her a big hit at parties.



Lecturio provides video lectures by award-winning educators. Our study guide helps students to master USMLE, MCAT, and MBBS. You can review the exam relevant content together with elite professors from top universities, retain the material with recall and USMLE-style questions and reinforce the high-yield knowledge with concise topic reviews. With our apps you can learn anywhere and anytime—even when you are offline.


Lydia P. Morris, PhD

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Mandy Huggins Armitage, MD

Mandy Huggins Armitage, MD is a sports medicine physician and medical writer. She received her training and education at Indiana University, Carolinas Healthcare System, and Emory University.


Marco Cardelli, "Almost" PhD

I am a professional student. I completed my BSc in genetics a long long time ago at Western University (in a very far far away land, called Canada), my MSc in human genetics at McGill University (in a land called Quebec, which is technically Canada), and now completing my PhD in Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto (yep, still Canada). So, you see, I wasn't kidding, I am a pro at being a student. I also enjoy sports and coffee a lot. I like coffee so much that I decided to roast my own beans.


Mary Barber

Mary Barber studies Chemistry and English Literature at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. An average day for her includes running from microbiology lecture to having discussions on the writings of Nabokov to designing experiments in the lab – she says it’s a little crazy but always fun. Her passions (currently) include studying cardiovascular disease caused by cancer therapies, writing, and monthly dates baking cupcakes with cancer patients. One day when she grow up Mary hopes to be a physician researcher, treat patients with heart problems, write books, and do yoga every day.


Matt DiCerbo

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Maureen Townsend

Maureen is a 20-something pre-med student at the University of Central Florida. She hopes to one day become a neurosurgeon. Having lived up and down the east coast throughout her life, she has no idea where she will end up, and for how long – and she’s okay with it. She is an atypical flower child that has a strong curiosity for all things even mildly interesting in the world and plans to explore them all.


Med School Tutors

Med School Tutors was founded with a singular purpose: to revolutionize the way aspiring physicians prep for standardized tests. We were tired of seeing frustrated pre-med and med students having to endure unresponsive videos, endless lectures and mountains of books, just because that's what they were "supposed to do." There had to be a better way, so we made it our business (literally!) to find it. And we did — by providing you with the exclusive opportunity to work 1:1 via web conferencing with experts and mentors who make your preparation about, well, YOU. By learning your learning style, goals, schedule, strengths and weaknesses, we find the best way to get you those gains. We anticipate your anxiety, discouragement, exhaustion, and aspire to be both your emotional advocate and virtual cheerleader. Because this is how we build better doctors. This is how we change medicine.


Michelle L Staton

Moving from DC to NYC, Michelle's background is in policy at the U.S. Senate and in African affairs — from working on West African democracy strengthening programs to East African peace initiatives beginning in 2006. Now an iOS developer, her focus is on ways to utilize tech for global good. You can find her at any given Chipotle in NYC, or you can follow her on Twitter @MichelleLStaton


Mitali Adlakha

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Natalie Uy

Hello! I'm a resident in Internal Medicine who loves to eat and doodle. This foodblog is a collection of recipes I've made during my study breaks and stories on my medical / life adventures. Feel free to read more about me at Enjoy!


Nathan Nolan, "Almost" MD/MPH

Nathanial Nolan is a 3rd year MD/MPH student at the University of Missouri. He received a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology from Missouri State University. He is an avid reader, writer, and practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is active in the American Medical Association and Missouri State Medical Association. Current research interests include healthcare quality and patient safety.


Nick Provenzano

Nick is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel and current business student at the University of Pittsburgh. H2P.


Nirzari Pandya

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Nuriel Moghavem, "Almost" MD/MPP

Nuriel Moghavem is an MD/MPP candidate at Stanford School of Medicine. He is interested in examining how physicians can expand their role as community leaders to advance social and civic change in pursuit of better health outcomes. He is leading the league in at least six statistical categories.


You are a nurse. The heartbeat of our society. You dedicate your life to helping others, caring for the sick and healing the injured. You are the pulse that drives us, that special breed of person that stands up to the challenge when most turn away.


Olivia Horton

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Osman Bhatty, MD

Upcoming PGY1 Internal Medicine Resident at Creighton University. Dedicated to providing a human narrative to a technical field. Avid reader, writer, and tweeter. Catch me @osmanbhattyMD and


Rachel Greenberg, "Almost" MD

Rachel Greenberg is an editor for The Almost Doctor's Channel hailing from Great Neck, NY. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Psychology, where she spent much of her time either singing a cappella or being a pre-med. In addition to maintaining an interest in holistic medicine, Rachel boasts a world-class Carrie Underwood impression.


Rachel Thomas

Dr Rachel Thomas is the British Medical Association’s 'Young Author of the Year', 2016. She has published 2 medical books, and qualified as a doctor with a B.M B.Ch from the University of Oxford. She also holds a B.Eng (Biomedical) and B.Sc (Physiology) from the University of Sydney. She currently practices in mental health, is completing a Masters in Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health, and is involved in the development of novel health-tech solutions. Follow her @doctor.rachel on instagram, or contact her at


Rasmeet Miller, "Almost" MD

My name is Rasmeet Miller. I am a 4th year medical student at Windsor University SOM.


Rohan Jotwani, "Almost" MD/MBA

Rohan Jotwani is a co-founder of The "Almost" Doctor's Channel and serves as Managing Editor. He is currently an MD/MBA student at the Tufts School of Medicine and is an avid producer and reader on topics in digital health, neuroscience and global health. Raised in Seoul, South Korea and Flushing, Queens, Rohan graduated from Columbia University. He has previously worked at The Doctor's Channel, WebMD and Pfizer, and is the former President of the Columbia Debate team.


Ryan Nguyen, "Almost" DO

Ryan Nguyen is a DO student at the Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific and blogs about medical school at In addition to school, he is a Foundation Scholar for the California Academy of Family Practice and Student Ambassador for Doximity. He tweets @RNguyenMed.


Sally Ryan, "Almost" DPT

Sally Ryan is a graduate from Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT where she earned a BA in Economics, minored in Psychology and played Division III Field Hockey and Lacrosse. She is currently applying for graduate school to get her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and plans to start in the fall of 2014. For now, Sally is coaching Lacrosse and volunteering at inpatient and outpatient PT centers in NJ. In her spare time she enjoys running, spinning, yoga and going to the beach with her family and friends.


Sam Scott

Sam Scott is a third year medical student in Northwest Ohio who spends his time studying, writing, advocating for the poor and pursuing the end of modern day slavery, more commonly known as human trafficking. In previous lives he's been a re-founding father of Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity, analytical chemist, youth pastor in west Dayton, OH, missions host in Dayton, and an intern in Kenya. He cares about maintaining empathy in physicians, and empowering those in need to get the help they need to stand on their feet. He's likely to become a pediatrician in the near future, but will certainly become an author when his first book In Over My Head leaves the printing press for the shelves in early 2014. For more information visit his website at


Sarrica Fink

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Sehj Kashyap, "Almost" MD

Sehj Kashyap is a first year MD candidate at Duke University. He’s interested in disruptive mHealth and healthcare technologies, and also in healthcare start-ups and policy. On his study breaks, he’s learning to code or create apps, or designing websites. He’s currently working on a social venture called Let’s Be Well Red that is introducing its 16-cent solution to anemia in India. Sehj has been a finalist for the Civic Data Challenge, and served as an AmeriCorps City Year corps member teaching high school students in Boston


Sindhuja Godavarthi

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


Skeptical Scalpel, MD

I’ve been a surgeon for 40 years and was a surgical department chairman and residency program director for over 23 of those years. I am board-certified in general surgery and a surgical sub-specialty and have re-certified in both several times. Last year, I retired from clinical practice to devote more time to blogging and tweeting. I have over 90 publications including peer-reviewed papers, case reports, editorials, letters and book chapters. I have been blogging and tweeting for over three years. My blog has had more than 1,000,000 page views. I have over 9,500 Twitter followers.


Sonal Kumar

Sonal Kumar is passionate about combining science and storytelling. She has vast experiences outside of healthcare including marketing and advertising, print and broadcast journalism, including TV/radio production. Sonal is an alumna of Columbia University. She tweets @sonalkumar2011.


Sonali Bracken, "Almost" MD/PhD

Sonali is a fifth year MD/PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut Health Center. Her future career goals center on becoming an academic physician-scientist and translational researcher in the field of hematology/oncology. Sonali has co-authored two books, USMLE Step 1 Secrets, 3rd Edition and Evidence-Based Clinical Reasoning in Medicine. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, running, reading, and traveling the globe with her husband.


Sunir Kumar, MD

Dr. Sunir Kumar is a co-Founder of, a medical exam prep company. Sunir is a Board Certified Internist at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Kumar graduated medical school from St. Matthews University and completed his internal medicine residency at the Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, IL. Sunir can be reached at or on twitter (@SunirMD)


Swathi Nallapa, "Almost" MD

Swathi is a second year medical student at the University of Southern California. She has a passion for journalism and enjoys writing about the intersection between medicine and politics. In her spare time she enjoys the ocean, spending time with family and friends, indulging in trashy television, and does occasionally laugh at her own jokes. Join the conversation on Twitter @snallapa.


Tariq Azam, "Almost" MD

Tariq Azam is a former Teach for America Chicago high school teacher and current 4th year student at the Ohio State University College of Medicine seeking a residency in internal medicine. Outside of medical school, he enjoys board games, reading, and, most recently, writing at his blog at He is also a strong advocate for interprofessional collaboration and is deeply involved in student government at Ohio State.


Ted Pillow

Ted Pillow is a regular contributor to Thought Catalog, and has written for The Awl, PopMatters, and Slacktory. His collected writing can be found at Fanny Pack Spectacular! He tweets @TedPillow.


Teresa Wu, MD

Dr. Teresa Wu is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and completed her Emergency Medicine residency at Stanford University. She completed both ultrasound and administrative & simulation fellowships at Stanford University following completion of her residency training. She is currently the Simulation Curriculum Director and an Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine-Phoenix. Dr. Wu also works as an emergency medicine physician and is the Director of Emergency Ultrasound & Fellowships for the Banner University Medical Center-Phoenix. Over her career, Dr. Wu has developed and directed multiple ultrasound and simulation fellowships across the country, and she has served as an honored keynote speaker for numerous international conferences. Dr. Wu’s innovative research and publications have lead to advances in medical simulation, education, and emergency ultrasound. Her point of care ultrasound app, SonoSupport, has been used to develop ultrasound education and curricula throughout the world.


The Daily Med Examiner

The Daily Medical Examiner is a blog written by doctors for doctors. The blog includes healthcare satire news, articles and cartoons. Their posts combine humor and important health information in all medical specialties. Read more at


The Doctor's Channel

Take a bite from the adults' table. The Doctor’s Channel is the world’s leading video site for physicians. Get the latest news in clinical medicine, disease resource centers, CME programs, and Doc Life, all in under 3 mins or less.


The Health Scout, "Almost" MD

Dalya Ferguson (The Health Scout) is a PGY2 General Surgery resident at the University of Texas at Houston who is passionate about improving medical education, healthcare quality, and health literacy. Before medical school, she earned a BA in Literary Studies with a minor in Philosophy and worked at a healthcare consulting company for over 2 years. When she's not working, she is usually spending time with her husband and family, studying, reading, drawing cartoons, or tweeting.


The Prognosis

Debates in healthcare often lack the perspectives of the emerging leaders and future stakeholders. The Prognosis makes contemporary debates in healthcare policy, medical education and bioethics more accessible to future leaders and inspires them to participate in shaping the future of healthcare. Read more at @PROGNOSISNEWS


The Savvy Pre-Med

The Savvy Pre-Med is a medical school admissions blog powered by Passport Admissions. Discover unconventional advice for standing out in the medical school admissions process at


Tutor The People

Tutor the People provides online and in-person MCAT tutoring with pro's who score within the 94th percentile or above on the exam. Our tutors are doctors, executives, and scholars whose passion for tutoring gives our students a higher return on their investment.


Vaidehi Mujumdar

Vaidehi Mujumdar is a medical student at Wake Forest School of Medicine. An alumna of Dartmouth College, her writing has been published in The Guardian, The Almost Doctors Channel, The Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, US Edition, Media Diversified, and others. Follow her on Twitter @VeeMuj.


Vinny Arora, MD, MPP

Vineet Arora MD, MPP is Director of GME Clinical Learning Environment Innovation and Assistant Dean for Scholarship and Discovery at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Dr. Arora’s scholarly work focuses on resident duty hours, patient handoffs, medical professionalism, and quality of hospital care. Her work has appeared in JAMA, the Annals of Internal Medicine, The New York Times, CNN, and US News & World Report. Dr. Arora blogs about her experiences in medical education at


Will Smith

Will Smith is a non-traditional premed student, looking to apply to medical school this upcoming cycle. When he is not spending time with is wonderful wife and daughter or working in the ER, he can usually be found behind a microphone recording podcasts for Will also enjoys warm hugs and is currently conducting research on exactly what the singer Meatloaf won't do for love. Tweet him @LostInPreMed.


Yash Pandya

Yash Pandya is a science writer at The "Almost" Doctor's Channel. He is a rising third-year student at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Emergency Medicine with minors in Neuroscience and Chemistry. Yash plans on attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Fall 2016 with guaranteed admission. In addition to the usual humdrum of academic involvement, Yash loves to play Ping Pong, catch up on the latest "Big Bang Theory," and travel. Having lived in India for half his lifetime, Yash aspires to expand his horizons into international healthcare by practicing medicine globally.


ZDogg MD

Zubin Damania, MD is the director of healthcare development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, an ambitious urban revitalization movement spearheaded by CEO Tony Hsieh. Formerly a hospitalist at Stanford, he maintained a shadow career making videos created under the pseudonym ZDoggMD. Nearly a million views later, he continues to focus on educating patients and providers alike while mercilessly satirizing our dysfunctional healthcare system.