Will Smith

Will Smith is a non-traditional premed student, looking to apply to medical school this upcoming cycle. When he is not spending time with is wonderful wife and daughter or working in the ER, he can usually be found behind a microphone recording podcasts for LostInPreMed.org. Will also enjoys warm hugs and is currently conducting research on exactly what the singer Meatloaf won't do for love. Tweet him @LostInPreMed.


Nothing Prepares You To Watch Someone Die in the ER

As I arduously sorted through the endless stack of green papers with lab and exam results scribbled about them, the eerie buzz of the medic radio went off overhead.  “Hospital base, Medic 21, Code 3 notification, CPR in progress, short ETA.”  Only having a few minutes to prepare for an incoming ambulance is stressful enough, but when the patient is under CPR, it adds an additional shot of urgency and adrenaline.  Undoing all my work for the last ten minutes, I shuffled all the papers back together and set the heaping green bundle aside; prolonging the agony for another time. Hastily making my way back towards the resuscitation room, I went through a mental checklist of what I was going to need to do.  Turning into the room I was greeted by an empty gurney, a clean floor, a blank monitor with its numerous cords neatly coiled on their hooks and if it were not for the shrill of the fluorescent tubes illuminating the room from above, there was not a sound to be heard.  In  another two minutes this would all change. Reaching for a box marked “XL,” I grabbed two wrinkled, bright blue gloves, and threw them onto the counter.  After squeezing my hand into the first glove, the unmistakable chattering of an ambulance stretcher rolling over dirty laminated tile crept down the hall.  Moments later it...