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Pursuing Medical School via a Non-Traditional Route

Do you wish to change your career and become a doctor? Pursuing a medical career after staying out of school for a significant number of years or after working/studying in a different field can be quite arduous. Luckily, you can effectively pursue medical school via a nontraditional route as many people do (myself included). As a non-traditional applicant, you can leverage the skills you earned from your previous career to better inform your pursuit of medicine as a career. Regardless of the reason why you wish to change your career, you need to be thoroughly prepared to impress admissions committees and prove your dedication to your ultimate goal. More importantly, you need to be ready to embrace your status as a non-traditional pre-med student. If you are set on applying to medical school as a non-traditional pre-med student, below are some invaluable tips to guarantee your success. 1. Be fully decided and committed. It’s all or nothing. Being a nontraditional student, you are required to show an unparalleled level of maturity and responsibility. You need to ensure that you are making the right decision. Having specialized in another field, you have certain advantages over your younger peers. You have more diverse life experiences from which to draw, which means you have more compelling reasons as to why you have chosen to change things up and pursue a medical career...

What To Expect In Medical School Applications, From A Doctor

There is already an abundance of information online regarding medical school applications, how to submit letters of recommendation, etc. During today’s Q + A session, Dr. Andrew Nimmich of Tutor the People, addresses the more difficult questions commonly asked by pre-meds. The types of questions that are responsible for the most misinformation regarding the medical school applications process. Andrew Nimmich, is an incoming PGY-1 in vascular surgery, a recent graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, and co-founder and pre-med advisor at Tutor the People, where he has worked with many pre-meds to help them apply to medical school and increase their scores on the MCAT. What are medical schools looking for? Medical schools are interested in applicants with excellent academic abilities, strong interpersonal skills, clear dedication to medicine and medical science, and demonstrated compassion. That’s great, but how do we show this on the application and what activities are best? Below I will breakdown how to demonstrate each attribute on your application with examples. Academic abilities – Everyone knows that strong grades and MCAT scores demonstrate academic excellence. But what about freshman year where you received a 2.9 GPA? The good news is that the admissions committees are made up of humans, some of whom had 2.9 GPAs their freshman year. They understand that not everyone is perfect, however, what they like to see is an uptrend in grades....