The Health Scout, "Almost" MD

Dalya Ferguson (The Health Scout) is a PGY2 General Surgery resident at the University of Texas at Houston who is passionate about improving medical education, healthcare quality, and health literacy. Before medical school, she earned a BA in Literary Studies with a minor in Philosophy and worked at a healthcare consulting company for over 2 years. When she's not working, she is usually spending time with her husband and family, studying, reading, drawing cartoons, or tweeting.

The Adverse Effects of Med School on ADLs

Med school doesn’t only take its toll on your...

A Post-Thanksgiving Fantasy

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgivings! Given the grotesque amount of food Aunt Sue (Aunt Sue alwaysss out-does herself, right?) served this year, you’re likely in a food coma. Wouldn’t it be amazing if said food coma came equipped with an IV full of medical...

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