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Ted Pillow is a regular contributor to Thought Catalog, and has written for The Awl, PopMatters, and Slacktory. His collected writing can be found at Fanny Pack Spectacular! He tweets @TedPillow.


Watch These 12 Amazing Documentaries On Netflix Instant And Abandon All Hope Of Productivity

It’s almost Thanksgiving and all productivity is coming to a crawl. Hopefully you’ve completed your work before the holiday celebrations and have some time to spend with the family and abandon all productivity. These amazing documentaries will be sure to help you kick back and do nothing. 1. Man on Wire I avoided Man on Wire for a few years – something about an Oscar-winning documentary on a French tightrope walker who crossed the Twin Towers sounded too much like smug, hollow Art (with a capital A). Well, my loss. Man on Wire is exceptionally well-done, and one of the most thrilling documentaries I’ve ever seen. And you know what? It’s pretty freaking beautiful too, self-conscious Artiness be damned. It also happens to be the 2nd best reviewed film in the history of Rotten Tomatoes (trailing only Toy Story 2, believe or not), boasting 151 positive reviews out of a total of…151 reviews. So if you don’t like it, you’re not just a jerk, you’re a statistically anomalous jerk.   2. Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure In 1987, two post-grad roommates started recording the outlandishly vitriolic and dysfunctional arguments that occurred between their alcoholic, fifty-something neighbors (one clearly gay, the other seemingly an oppressive homophobe) – fights which routinely ended with one repeatedly taunting the other, “Shut up, little man!” This documentary about how those private fights...

13 Reasons Why Taking a Bath is the Best Study Break

Ah, stress. Don’t we almost docs know it too well…So what are the best ways to de-stress? Watching Breaking Bad? That show almost induces cardiac arrest every time I watch it. Cooking? Well yeah, seems nice until I burn down the kitchen. Gym? Please, I break a mental sweat all day, I don’t need that s***. Listed here is why the absolute best way to de-stress is as simple as walking into the room next door, bearing your all, and sitting (laying) your lazy butt in some soothing water. “I am sure there are things that can’t be cured by a good bath but I can’t think of one.” – Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar “I take baths all the time. I’ll put on some music and burn some incense and just sit in the tub and think, ‘Wow, life is great right now.’” – Brian Austin Green I am a man and there’s nothing I love more than the comfort and relaxation of a warm bath. I listen to Slayer, I know the dialogue of Arnold Schwarzenegger films by heart, and I would like nothing more than to eat a steak and potatoes dinner while watching the NFL playoffs. But I shamelessly spend upwards of an hour in the tub. So you can suck it, hegemonic gender norms. 1. Let’s get it right out in the open —...

If You Aren’t Sure If They’re Flirting With You, They’re Flirting With You (Unless They Aren’t)

Yeah medical school is hard but do you know what’s even more difficult? Being able to tell if that girl or guy creepily staring at you is actually trying to flirt. You may have aced your last pathology exam but this lesson is one you won’t want to miss… Now I was downtown clubbin’, ladies night – seen shorty, she was crazy, right? And I approach baby like, “Ma, what’s your age and type?” She looked at me and said, “You’s a baby, right?” I told her, “I’m 18 and live a crazy life.” Okay, I admit it – those are the lyrics from Juelz Santana’s verse in Cam’ron’s “Hey Ma.” I was hoping to just paraphrase that song for the entirety of this article, but it turns out that Cam’ron lyrics are like Latin: they sound nice when someone else recites them, but reading and understanding them takes years of rigorous training. Here it goes: flirting is a complex endeavor in which you are constantly trying to figure out A) Whether or not the other person is indeed flirting with you and B) Whether or not they mean anything by it. In my experience, the relationship between flirtatious actions and actual intent follows a sort of bell curve. Below is a textbook-quality graph that I spent large portions of the Obama Administration attempting to create in Microsoft Word...

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