Sonal Kumar

Sonal Kumar is passionate about combining science and storytelling. She has vast experiences outside of healthcare including marketing and advertising, print and broadcast journalism, including TV/radio production. Sonal is an alumna of Columbia University. She tweets @sonalkumar2011.

Top 24 Study Jams for Your Next Exam

In college, the only thing I needed to pump me for a long day of work is a Café Americano and an isolated cubicle in a freakishly quiet library. Recently, I admit I can’t focus without a good beat.  If it’s late and you’re tired or, let’s be real, just frustrated and want to scream and throw things, look no further than my totally random playlist of instant mood lifters: 1)    Harder Better Faster Strong – Daft Punk   2)    Stronger – Kanye West   3)    Too Legit to Quit – Hammer, Sia    4)    Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay Z   5)    Let’s Get it – P. Diddy   6)    Titanium (feat. Sia) – David Guetta   7)    Ambition (feat Meek Mill) – Wale   8)    Better – K’NAAN   9)    Don’t you worry child – Swedish House Mafia   10)  Keep your head up – Andy Gammer   11)  Make me proud –  Drake, Nicki Minaj   12)  Skyscraper – Demi Lovato   13) Who Says – Selena Gomez   14) Float On – Modest Mouse   15)  Happy (from Despicable Me 2) – Pharrell Williams   16) Girl on Fire – Inferno Version – Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj   17) Focused feat. Kid Cudi – Wale   18) Firework – Katy Perry   19) One Top of the World – Imagine Dragons   20) The...

4 Reasons Why You Should… and Shouldn’t Go to Medical School

Why medicine?   This is a question I needed to have a prepared answer to recite to everyone and for every occasion – from professors to parties. It is a simple, but difficult question. It is a complex question. Why am I choosing the longest, hardest, most expensive professional career? Why do I want a career with immense sacrifice? I am giving myself ample time to confidently answer this question. Searching for this answer has not been straightforward. My answer oscillates from a resounding yes to a petrified no. Let’s review the pros and cons together.   Here’s why I vote no:   1) The health care reform was supposed to make things better, but it seems to be getting worse. 2) Doctors are frustrated and on the brink of quitting due to increasing administrative burden. 3) New doctors do not spend more than 8 minutes with their patients. 4) Medical students collect a mountain of debt by the end of their educational training. And yet, medical school applications are still at an all time high. Here’s why I vote yes:   1)    Discovering the complexities of the human body   2)    Comforting another human being 3)  Collaboration and team work   4) Develop meaningful relationships with patients Tell me why you chose medicine (or ran away from it) @sonalkumar2011      ...

7 Pre-Med Tips for Med School … and the Real World

It is 2 AM. You smell like sweat and coffee, but that doesn’t concern you because everyone you’re studying with at this hour does, too. You are leafing through hand-written class notes and the textbook your professor authored all while eating dinner/breakfast/snack courtesy of the vending machine. You look like this more often than not: Your eyes are half-closed and burning, but you can’t stop, won’t stop because you haven’t even reviewed the copies of past exams. You’re pre-med.   I graduated college two years ago, yet the memories of being a student and staying up until the wee hours of the morning to study for an exam have not faded. After three too many cups of coffee, I would lose momentum and motivation and often questioned the value of hard work. What was the purpose of being a good student? Why am I working this hard? Now, as a member of the working world, I sincerely appreciate the hard work I put in to each assignment for every class. I earned my stripes. I say this because in the first week of my job, I relied on the basic skills I developed as a conscientious student. These are the skills I think are critically important to master if you want to be wildly successful in the workplace or in the classroom: 1. Deadlines Work is like final exam...

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